Friday, February 12, 2016

More Cuda-Hate: Lokz Plays the White Guilt/Race Card

Adrian Lokz then followed up with another set of hostile, yet uninformed comments.

you can show all the pictures you want of people smiling ear to ear but you have to understand that alot of people mainly people who are against undocumented people use that excuse to be a racist against a certain group of people (mainly Hispanic) i dont say this just because .. i say this because ive been a victim.. 

Notice the race card again. Sad. Notice the racism.

Oh brother. The victim card.

What about the victims of sanctuary city policies?

I've been on both sides illegal and legal so i know what i am talking about. I have even seen latinos who attack there own people so you having latinos who support you doesn't make me change what i think of say i have no capacity for civil debate Who said i was even trying???

That says it all. Hatred and ignorance are the norm with anti-American elements in Southeastern LA County.

 theres no way to debate with people like you who think that every law in the book is  either black or white/ yes or no , we both know certain issues in this country are extremely sensitive one being immigration.. its not easy to just say "oh hey lets deport 11 million people" its not that simple as you and your followers think it is , 

Followers? Really?

Now, why do I print these comments? To expose the latent racism and ignorance of my opponets,

Notice that he admitted no interest in civil debate.

Not to worry. I have read the Saul Alinsky playbook. The interests of the secular, anti-American, anti-immigrant left is never about changing minds, but silencing them.

if it was that simple i think it would have already been done or at least in the process... you blame country leaders for what is happening in respect to illegal immigration but yet your here in Cudahy trying to make a stand! 

Of course! I have also gone to Congressmen, to the FBI, and to other federal agencies. So have members of We the Peope Rising

 i think you and your supporters should pack your bags and head over to Washington DC where the real crooks are, i highly doubt you will change anything in Cudahy. 

We are doing both. Deal with it!

Adrian Lokz' avatar on Facebook

i would really want to know what scares you about undocumented people in this country because really i think there is much more important issues to worry about. make sure when you post this on your blog or what not make it look nice, i will be sending you more messages with my thoughts, so have your designer add a column.. oh and another thing not once did i use the word hate so dont go putting words in my mouth.. and another thing i said i went to school in Cudahy i never said I resided in Cudahy.

"Undocumented people" -- an incapacity to communicate, except with Orwellian sound bites.

Ouch. Has Marco Rubio moved to Cudahy? Talking points, repeats, must play race card, victim card. . .amnesty-bots everywhere!

Let's also remember that there would no people in the Americas if the native populations had been permitted to continue their barbaric religions practices, killing men and women in order to appease some sun god.  I highly doubt that they would have killed each other completely off.

Easter Island. The blood-soaked histories strongly suggest otherwise.

Many people would doubt Lokz' appreciation for complex issues.

  lets also remember that there would have been more native americans if the illegal Europeans wouldn't have killed so many of them. 

No one would disagree or diminish the atrocious behavior of those Europeans who slaughtered so many. Yet there were many other Europeans too who respected the native populations.

 Let me ask you this, do you think it was right for the illegal europeans to kill and rape and steal from the native americans??? 

Of course not! Another uestion: what does this have to do with illegal immigration?

I am not a European. I am an American. Why does Adrian not understand this difference? He does not understand the difference between immigrant and illegal alien, so this rampant confusion is common place.

do you agree with it??  

Whats the difference between what the europeans did and what the modern illegal immigrants are doing now in days exept for the fact that today they come to work and make a better life their families. 

This is not true. Many illegals are not working but living off the government. There are those individuals who have come to make the most of the terrible situation they were born into in their home countries.

The fight has to fought in their home countries. The answer to the world's problems is not an open border. The answer to the world's ills is not unfettered immigration to the United States.

It is impossible.

  when you answer this question please dont say that the difference is that today we have 'LAWS" because i dont think that in the old days it took an established "law" for the euopeans to know it is wrong to kill, rape and i am sure those type of crimes were illegal in their european country of origin.  

sometimes you have to reflect on the pass to help you make better choices in the future.   this great country was built by illegal immigrants and if it wasnt for them we would not have what we have today. I dont think there is a difference with what modern illegal immigrants are doing today, the only difference is that people like you wont give them a chance to do it legally.

I am reflecting on the past. The Presidents either enforced the borders or they did not. In fact, Democrat and Republican did their job (until Barack Obama caved on the matter just to divide this country)

As for giving them a chance to get legal, the opportunities are abundant, but the forces of people like Adrian and other race-baiters has not interest in legal immigration, but rather destruction of individual citizenship.

p.s please accept the comment i left in the post where Alan Garcia shut you down. thank you..

Alan Garcia tried to take a woman's camera, and had nothing substantive to say. He resorted to insulting people. He threatened to bring half of Cudahy to shut me up and show me the door.

Didn't happen. In fact, the young man left the meeting before I did, because I stayed for the entire evening.

Why couldn't he?

Here is the video.

The anti-American forces at work in the Southeastern corridor are losing their grip and control over the region. All it took was a small group of likeminded conservative patriots to awaken the imaginations of all men.

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