Saturday, February 27, 2016

Obama's Friend ... Uncle Joe?

Hillary Clinton is sweeping the Democratic nomination now.

What will happen in the weeks to come, though?

Will she find herself under federal indictment?

Will her health hold up for he to compete for the Presidency during the general election?

The Bernie supporters are turned off to Hillary Clinton. They do not like her at all, and left-wing partisans are happy to throw away an election for the "greater cause.

What will Democrats do, then?

Some discussion has turned to Vice President Joseph Biden, whom President Obama has featured a few times in recent eblasts.

Check out this campaign email from Organizing for Action:

Friend --

Earlier this week, I released my budget for my last year as President -- and if you take a look beyond the numbers and math of it all, what you'll see is a set of priorities that are uniquely American, that reflect our values and our core beliefs in equality, in progress, and in hope.

President Obama is a victim of Common Core math, like a lot of Democratic politicians, does not know--or care to know--how to count. Obama and his illiberal cronies have no problem spending other people's money, nor does he oppose raising taxes on those who make while creating more people who take!
My friend Joe Biden has said many times, "Don't tell me what your priorities are. Show me your budget and I'll tell you what your priorities are." I hope that this budget -- one that strives to promote economic fairness, to fight against the effects of climate change, and to find treatments for devastating diseases that affect far too many American families -- does just that.

Uncle Joe for President?

Notice "My friend Joe Biden." Nothing about "friend Hillary Clinton." What's going on?

But I want to be very clear that these aren't all battles we're going to win while I'm still in office. These are long, hard fights, and they're going to take the dedication and hard work of our next president, and the one after that, and the one after that.

So I need to know you're committed to electing another Democrat to the White House -- and giving him or her a Democratic Congress to work with:

I believe, more than anything else, that when we stand together and fight for the change we believe in, we can do some amazing things. So let's do this -- let's make this country the brightest it can be for our kids, our grandkids, and generations to come. Thank you so much for standing by my side.

Barack Obama

Is Uncle Joe still waiting in the wings for the moment when Hillary Clinton crashes and burns; or when she ends up in jail?

Anything can happen, and Democratic power brokers have no problem ignoring the will of the primary voters to push their preferred Establishment candidate.

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