Monday, February 15, 2016

Duf v. Del: The Choice is Easy

Tom Del Beccaro was the chairman of the CAGOP for two years: 2011-2013.

 In 2012, the Democrats gained the supermajority. Heckuva job there, Tommy!

The party ended up in debt. Current CA GOP Chairman Jim Brulte had to settle these costs.

In 2014, Brulte pointed out in a meeting with the Torrance-Lomita Republican Assembly (read here) that the CA GOP had lost touch with the basics: answering phone calls, working with central committees, building up the party structure.

What was Del Beccaro doing his two years? Not leading, not helping, not growing the state party and advancing the conservative cause.

Duf has been working on pension reform, education policy, and national security matters.

He has been talking to residents throughout the state about the water crisis, and it's about more than just the lack of water. The uality of water is suspect, too.

Del Beccaro went on a thousand interviews, but did nothing to build the state party. His friends and supporters may claim that conditions and hardships from the national party or within the state hurt his efforts. Nevertheless, as chairman he holds responsibility for the failures of the entire organization. Other sources indicate that he was interested in running for Governor, and thus immersed himself in federal issues, neglecting the state problems.

Another argument suggests that Sundheim left the party in greater debt after 2007. Even if that were true, at the end of Duf's tenure Republicans were still holding back the supermajority in Sacramento, and there were two (later three) Republicans in statewide office.

I am going with Duf.

One close contact of mine ran for office in a special election in 2011. Tom promised all kinds of help and yet never came through. What kind of leadership is that?!

Duf's Got the Right Stuff

Diverse officials, delegates, and activists in the state shared with me that they find Del Beccaro repugnant, arrogant, distant and out for self.

Honestly, even if Tom Del Beccaro were the kindest man in the room, I still would find his record as Chairman wanting. Even if I put aside all the talk behind closed doors, I still would not support him.

Every time I hear Tom on the radio or in an interview, he touts his new book The Divided Era, then talks about his Flat Tax.

So, he's selling books, then. Yawn.

Other than that, he is flat out of ideas.

Duf is working, reaching out. He is learning, and making connections.

He is the only candidate actively discussing the water problems in this state. They are terrible. Check out his interview with this Lancaster, CA resident. Check out his photos with these California residents.

He has raised more money than the other two major candidates, yet does not complain if major donors or minor offiicals do not give him any money.

Of course, this is about more than just raising money. His outreach to college campuses has been really inspiring. His work with La Opinion is crucial to expanding the Republican message of less government and lower taxes to all audiences.

Duf is a team player.

I like his record, and I trust his character.

I want him in the US Senate representing me.

I endorse Duf Sundheim for US Senate!

Any other questions?

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