Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sean Flynn: Democratic Plant for CD-31

So, conservative Paul Chabot of San Bernardino has some Republican competition for CD-31?

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Another Republican has entered the race to challenge Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-Redlands), a first-term congressman whose Inland Empire seat is considered vulnerable this fall by both national Democrats and Republicans.

It is vulnerable, precisely because Agui-liar (D-Redlands) ran a slash-and-hate campaign against Chabot.

Agui-liar's ideological views are all wrong for the Inland Empire. He is pro-abortion, pro-Planned Murderhood, pro-gun control, and favors another assorted set of perverse policies.

I attended one of his Coffee with a Congressman events near the San Bernardino airport. Most of the people attending wanted to know what he would do to bring back jobs to the region. He has voted t retain Obamacare, which is killing jobs. His actions in Congress are setting him apart from the best interests of the district, too.

Sean Flynn, an associate professor of economics at Scripps College in Claremont, is a late entry into a race that had until recently looked like a rematch between Aguilar and Paul Chabot, a Republican military veteran who narrowly lost the 2014 contest for the then-open 31st Congressional District.

So, Sean Flynn is stepping in, and so late, too.

Who is this guy?

The 42-year-old professor's campaign will stress his economic credentials — he literally wrote the book "Economics for Dummies" — and his takes on healthcare and education as he works to find a salient issue in an area dealing with high unemployment.

Economics for Dummies? How about Politics for Dummies, too? Paul Chabot has already raised an incredible amount of money, despite losing in 2014.

Why would another Republican throw himself into the race, and so late so that no one knows where he got his money?

"I believe I can bring ideas that can appeal to the middle in addition to both sides," Flynn told The Times. "I’d like to go to Washington and push forward on the middle ground essentially where real good policy solutions lie."

Appeal to the middle and both sides? What kind of double-talk is this?

On social issues, Flynn said he is opposed to abortion except in cases of rape and incest or if the life or health of the mother is in danger. He is in favor of letting state legislatures or voters directly decide on whether same-sex couples can get married.

Sean Flynn, Democratic Plant

This stance is not appealing to the middle, but just like Paul Chabot's.

The first-time candidate for public office will have to spend heavily and hit the streets constantly if he wants voters to recognize his name on the June primary ballot.
Flynn's campaign committee was formed last month, so federal fundraising filings will not be available until April. But he said he has loaned his campaign $50,000 and raised another $50,000. He said he is "confident" he can raise another $100,000 in the next month.

Where will he get his money from? Hmmm.

Campaign officials for both Flynn and Chabot said they are hoping to raise enough to have the $100,000 in the bank needed to qualify for the National Republican Congressional Committee's "Young Guns" program, which promotes candidates among national donors.

Money was a major factor in the 2014 race. Aguilar spent $2.2 million while the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the House Majority PAC spent another $1.3 million for Aguilar's effort.

Chabot spent under $500,000 and lost to Aguilar 51.7% to 48.3% — a difference of 3,460 votes — despite the Democrat's six-percentage-point advantage among registered voters in the district. It was a strong year for Republicans and one that saw low turnout across the state.

Chabot's career in the military and law enforcement could position him for another strong showing in the district, which was rocked in December by the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil since Sept. 11, 2001.

Yes, and Agui-liar's answer? Take more guns away. Chabot has the clearer, better, stronger record on national security and individual liberty.

Chabot owns a consulting firm specializing in national security and counter-terrorism.

“We welcome [Flynn] to the conversation and will let the voters decide,” said Chabot spokesman John Thomas. “But his experience is not enough to fight terrorism and keep families safe.”

Aguilar's campaign is taking the 2016 race seriously: It raised $1.5 million in 2015 and has $1 million in cash on hand, according to federal filings. Chabot raised just over $225,000 and finished the year with $61,808 in cash on hand.

The Congressman had to spend ten times the Chabot campaign, and yet barely made it.

Now, a little more about Mr. Flynn .

Did you know that he has donated most of his campaign money to Democrats!

Here is a chart from this source (focus on the rows which lists occupation at Scripps and Vassar Colleges:

Sean Flynn’s Democratic Party Donations


Gary Peters
Gary Peters
John Callahan
Gary Peters
Gary Peters
Gary Peters
Gary Peters
Gary Peters

Even though he donated 1000 to Romney on 10/24/12, he still donated 5150 to Democrat Gary Peters of Michigan.
Here is another file showing where Sean was sending his money.

What is going on? Gary Peters is a liberal Democrat from Michigan.

Liberal Peters, the same Congressman who tried to shut down a TV station for broadcasting a negative ad, later won the open US Senate seat in 2014, with the help of his "centrist" Republican friend'money

Let's call him out for what he is: Sean Flynn is a closet Dem running to ruin Paul Chabot's chances of taking CD-31.

Paul Chabot for Congress!

Write Flynn a note, or call him and ask why he cozies up and spends his money on Democratic candidates!

Tell him to be honest -- he is a Democratic Plant from Congressman Peter Agui-liar!




  1. Your post is always in extreme - I am Republican but I don't agree with 100% with the party nor I don't disagree with 100% with Democrat. So, who decided what is what?
    I saw your protest - and you took the other people's right to speak and listen.
    I am surprise Paul Chabot is OK with tactics you deploy. So aggressive, nasty and nasty - and took away messages and support you are trying to spread.
    And I know you will be nasty to me because I don't agree with you.... my case closed.

  2. This is the reason why people get sick of politics - I think I am going change to Independent. I don't like progressives, black lives matter and white guilt people. I don't like bible thumping republican and if you don't believe God, going hell.

    War is not answer to all, but we are fighting killing each other from the beginning of time and it won't stop. The title means nothing to me - served in Military does not automatically put him above, there are many so-so people in Military and Christian.

    I won't vote for Paul just because your group is supporting. Don't want to be part of extreme that give Republican bad name....
    I don't know what are you plan to achieve - if Paul is good and appeal to majority he will win. I heard Sean said he gave the money because he is personal friend - that is not on this blog.... why? Some people are not as divisive as you - we actually work and play and live with Democrats... Surprise!

  3. He is a plant like Neel Tushar Kashkari. Tim Donnelly, favored by Tea Party lost. In early November 2015 Kashkari was named president and CEO of the Minneapolis Fed. Go figure?