Friday, February 26, 2016

Kristin Olsen--Don't Be a RINO! Vote "Hell No!" on MCO Tax!

Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen (R-Modesto) has forgotten whom she is supposed to represent.

What kind of elected official keeps on voting for tax increases, even though she identifies with a political party dedicated to stopping all the spending and ending the expensive, undue burdens placed on hard-working Californians?

Olsen as assembly minority leader worked hard to ensure that her caucus stayed aligned against tax increases this past year.

Why is she caving now?

Jon Fleischman exposed how she flip-flopped and went along with tax increases three years ago, but the same interests which wanted the hike then told her to take a hike. Instead of aiding her bid for state senate against Mary Galgiani in the same region, she has backed out of the running.

Now that she keeps on embracing tax increases, I am glad that she is not running for higher office.

What has happened to some of these California legislators? They run on pledges to stop the abusive spending spree in Sacramento.

Former Assembly minority leader Kristin Olsen

Now they don't seem committed to stopping anything.

Ms. Olsen, I am so disappointed in you.

I met you a few times over the past year. You were willing to help your fellow colleagues elected in the South Bay (David Hadley) and East Bay (Catharine Baker), and yet now you are making their work harder by pushing for this tax increase.

Stop thinking about yourself! What kind of Republican are you?!

Do the math! What good is it for the state to (hopefully) get more federal dollars for a failing federal program, when it will mean more taxes, bad press, and losing numbers for Republicans across the state?

Mrs. Olsen, why do you even bother thinking about seeking higher office when you are not serving your constituents or this state with your frequent caving to raise taxes?

Do the math!

Don't be a RINO!
Vote "Hell No!" on MCO Tax!

Contact her office and shout the above loud and clear so that Olsen can hear!


State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 94249
916-319-2112 fax
Allison WescottCapitol and Communications Director
Angela QualleyScheduler
Spencer RhoadsLegislative Aide
Elias GarciaAssembly Fellow


3719 Tully Road, Suite C
Modesto, CA 95356
209-576-6426 fax
Paul ZeekChief of Staff
Michelle FinchOffice Manager
Evelyn RojasField Representative
Emily AllenField Representative

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