Friday, February 5, 2016

Cudahy Won? With Los Corruptos, Cudahy Lost

A new facebook page has opened up.

"Cudahy Won".

It is filled with Chris-Garcia laced hate.

Whoever is running the page was probably born in 1993, since the page indicates that there were/are posts from the time.


Check out some of the posts:

This post is desperate in itself.

Rocio Pacheco and Francisco Torres  have protested the city council on many issues, regardless of who was sitting there.

"Since losing this past campaign in March.  . ."Guerrero was elected in 2013. He was not running for election this year.

Now this next post is beyond outrageous, stupid ... and funny!

A group called We the People Rising (who is not from Cudahy) is coming into Cudahy and promoting racism towards the undocumented population! A few of Council Member Jack Guerrero's supporters are joining them in this nasty campaign. One of them is former Councilwoman Diane Oliva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

What is crazier is that some of the people who are promoting hate and racism are undocumented themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are from the South East come out and make your voice heard!

So this is a group of  racists?! Really?! I see more Hispanic than white, first of ll. Second of all, many of these people are calling for openness, transparency, and accountability.

Last of all, the race card is so played out, it is almost impossible to take listen with out laughing.

Chris Garcia said to me: "This is why it is so hard to take you seriously." No, he and his racist cronies are hard to take seriously.

Once again. the wide array of Hispanic residents in Cudahy and in Southern California: they are racists? Really?!

I recognize that these are desperate smears from the Los Corruptos de Cudahy: Chris Garcias, Baru Sanchez. Cristian Markovich, and Cristian Hernandez.

The last post is simply ridiculous, and yet exposes their own hypocrisy, that this "Cudahy Won" page shows how Cudahy lost when "Cudahy Chris" and the other Corruptos came to power:

Councilman Jack Guerrero is a disgrace to Cudahy. Him and his group are promoting racism!!!!!!!! They are against illegal aliens!!!!!!!! Here are photos of who his supporters are!!!!!!!!!! Most of them are residents who are undocumented and outsiders who do not live in Cudahy!!!!!!!!!!!
South East does not need them!!!!!!! Let's organize Monday at 6:30!!!!!!!!

First of all, the only disgrace is the group of Corruptos who keep spending money the city does not have, who keep supporting illegal aliens and do nothing for the legal resident.

By the way, notice that "Cudahy Won" writes "illegal aliens". OUCH!

He is accepting the truth that Garcia and Co. are endorsing lawlessness.

No one should be surprised, then, that chaos has taken over the city.

Look at Jack Guerrero's supporters:

A diverse crew of concerned citizens who are not afraid to stand up to Los Corruptos and shout: Enough!

Let's state the obvious: Cudahy did not win with Chris Garcia or Cristian Markovich as mayor. 

Cudahy Lost.

When the city gets rid of Los Corruptos, Cudahy will be a winner once again!

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