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Aprahamian: Fear and Apathy is America’s Biggest Hurdle

Greg Aprahamian of We the People Risingwrote the following about Huntington Park and why more people need to stand up and fight back - take back your state!


The Crooked Huntington Park City Councilmembers
(Except Valentin Amezquita,extreme left)

The Crooked Huntington Park City Council Is Served A Notice of Recall,
Fear and Apathy is America’s Biggest Hurdle

On Feb. 16th 2016,  four Huntington Park City Council members were served A notice of intent to recall.

In August  2015, The Huntington Park City Council appointed two illegal aliens to City Commission seats.  Since then myself and members of the activist group We The People Rising, started attending city council meetings to try and persuade the Huntington Park City Council to remove two illegal aliens that were assigned City Commission seats and replace them with American Citizens.  During our first City Council meeting we witnessed many accusations of corruption coming from a dozen or so residents of the city..

You can read my first account the troubles of Huntington Park here:  Link:

Since that first account last August,  some of the alleged corruption has finally surfaced.  The city council is now under FBI investigation for bribery:  Link:

One would think recalling City Council members who are under an FBI investigation for bribery and a possible DA investigation would be a snap, getting the required twenty five residents of Huntington Park to put their signatures on a petition shouldn’t be much of an obstacle, but it was.   

Please, remember the city we are talking about, Huntington Park is 97.1 % Hispanic (according to Wikipedia) and 40-50% of it’s population are illegal aliens.  This same demographic exists all across South Los Angeles,  California’s Central Valley,  and much of Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Once Americans are replaced in their  historic towns,  who’s left to mind the store?  
The new local government officials, often with links to cartels, manage the accounts of these cities with a population that has no history and little interest in public accountability.   If public corruption has a womb, it is in places like these.

Case in point:  The FBI recently arrested nearly every elected official in a remote Texas town:

The notice of intent to recall was the first step in the recall process.  25 signatures are needed for each council member,  then after it is served.  another petition is needed with a number of signatures based on a percentage of voters in the city.

I asked a few members of the residents that were organizing the recall why it is so hard to get just twenty five signatures?
Answer:  Fear and apathy.

I don’t doubt the fear that Huntington Park residents live with.  Currently there are about a dozen or so residents who will publicly stand up against the corruption that they see,  the rest hide. I mentioned in my first report:  “The group of  Huntington Park residents that I met seemed to voice a sense of desperation, feeling trapped in a world of corruption and a world that didn’t operate under the same laws and customs that they felt the rest of the country did”.
Life is fragile for most,  and I have no doubt they have reason to be fearful.  

Apathy exists everywhere, it’s why Americans put up with criminally convicted illegal aliens being released onto our streets, to then kill more Americans.  Apathy played a part in the death  Kate Steinly, and Jamiel Shaw Jr.   It’s why this problem has gone on for decades.

Why do I bother with Huntington Park?

Huntington Park is America’s future if Americans don’t put their fear and apathy in check.  Huntington Park and most of South Los Angeles  was on the front lines of open borders thirty and forty years ago,  Those in power and most of the public at that time didn’t care about Huntington Park and and they coldly washed their hands of the place.
Then they coldly washed their hands of many other places... the list is to long to name.
Huntington Park, and South Los Angeles was on the frontlines forty years ago,  Now it’s most of the country.

Take a closer look at the photo’s of the Huntington Park City Council members.  At first glance they look like harmless  young adults, but what you’re really looking at is Cartel control of an American city, and these Council members are the puppets.  When Americans abandon their cities or are  forced out,  Cartels take over.
Cities all over America have been taken over, and if uncontrolled immigration, both legal and illegal continue at our current rate, Hundreds of more American cities will follow the path that Huntington Park and South Los Angeles blazed thirty and forty years ago.

The public never condoned illegal immigration when it became a problem forty years ago,and when the government didn’t enforce immigration laws and towns and neighborhoods became unlivable, the only real choice was to leave, move to the next suburb.  If you couldn’t leave or didn’t have the money to leave you were trapped.  Forty years later it seems nothing has changed, only there are fewer places to run to, and prices are a lot higher.

For many Americans we’re at the end of a very long road of running away.

Fear and apathy played a big role in surrendering many American cities like Huntington Park and
I have no doubt that if Americans don’t put their fear and apathy in check most of the United States will eventually resemble Huntington Park.  

Beware, Huntington Park could be coming to a city near you.

Greg Aprahamian

Greg Aprahamian with his son

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