Monday, February 1, 2016

My Hope for Millenials

In spite of the worst President in Modern History, and in spite of his record of weakness, fatigue, and failure in the face of diminishing economic returns, sluggish economic growth;

In spite of a culture of entitlement, which has engulfed young and old, young people are waking up and recognizing that the "older people" are ruining this country.

In spite of the near cult-like popularity of two aging socialists from New England (Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders ... or three including Donald Trump), the younger generation are wiser about economic issues, and they are not taking in the liberal tripe from the media.

Many of them cannot afford to go to college, and college is not worth the hefty price tag, anyway!

I have made friends with some of the working young people where I live.

Too many of them have to work two jobs just to get a forty-hour week!

I don't hold back, but tell them plainly: Obamacare.

Two Millenials told me that they support gun ownership, too.

Its the first topic for some of them. It really surprises me, since I support the Second Amendment and don't even own guns.

The New Media, the new onslaught against the lies and frauds of the liberal press, are taking down the old power structure.

People are tired of being lied to, and young people especially are tired of the older generation making the younger pay their bills.

(Credit: Latin Post)
They are pro-life! They are pro-family! They have listened to old, boring professors make fun of what they never understood.

Today, the young entrepreneurs see more, know more, and do more than the coddled older generation. They realize that free markets and free enterprise make free people. Most of them want to move out of their parents' homes, yet cannot afford it!

More of them also realize that the minimum wage hikes are hurting their employment chances, too!

Two young people in Torrance were telling me how they have become more conservative.

All of them think that Hillary Clinton is a LIAR! Yes!

Wow! I have so much hope for the future. I believe in this generation! They are willing to listen and learn, since they are bearing the brunt of failed progressive agendas.

We have a Thatcherite class emerging in our midst! Ronald Reagan received welcome support from young voters in the early 1980s.

The class of young conservatives is rising up. I have hope for this generation, and they will effect great change, real change for the better. In fact, they are doing it now!

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