Friday, February 5, 2016

Marco v. Trump and Cruz

With the Iowa results, and Rubio pulling third place, Senator Marco Rubio wants to play himself as outside and above the Trump v. Cruz fray.

Here is his campaign eblast.

Marco Rubio

Arthur: Monday's outcome in Iowa was amazing.

The media and the establishment counted Marco out before the Iowa caucus had even begun.

Now the establishment is counting on Rubio to keep them afloat.

Marco's supporters proved that we are a force to be reckoned with.

Marco's now entering the New Hampshire primary with huge momentum and the support of tens of thousands of Iowans. Arthur, your support has never been more critical.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz know that Marco is right on their heels and are going to do everything possible to see him defeated. Instead, let's beat them!

Help Marco continue his momentum and defeat Donald Trump and Ted Cruz!

At least he recognizes that the main fighters in this primary.

Marco is in New Hampshire already, where he's going to fight hard over the next 8 days to win the votes of every Granite Stater.

Your donation will ensure our campaign has the funds to fight back against Trump and Cruz and spread Marco's conservative message to every voter in New Hampshire and the United States.

Arthur, our time is now.

Please chip in whatever you can afford -- no matter the size, it will impact our ability to save our country from falling into Hillary Clinton's hands.

Marco is the only candidate who will defeat Hillary Clinton.

Yes, the electability argument. . .

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