Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Walker: Ban Sanctuary Cities in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been on the cutting edge of expanded conservative, limited government, individual liberty, and fiscally disciplined reforms in his state.

His Act 10 reforms have continued to save Wisconsin taxpayers billions of dollars, while allowing school boards and city councils to live within their means, and use the remaining revenue to serve citizens instead of pander to labor unions and special interests.

His latest budgets have cut down costs and regulations.

His measures not just to reform collective bargaining entitlements but also to enact right-to-work legislation have continued to inspire and encourage freedom fighters around the country.
Another controversial bill is working its way through the Wisconsin state legislature.

This bill--AB 450--would fine sanctuary cities, municipalities which refuse to cooperate with federal authorities to deport illegal aliens.

Walker needs to sign this necessary and principled reform.

Another bill, (SB 533), will prevent illegal aliens from getting ID cards.

Voter ID is a must for our vibrant democracy, so that we know that every vote counts, and every life matters.

Governor Walker has been the first executive to enact key reforms, from the Castle Doctrine relating to the Second Amendment, to the drastic cuts in spending and regulatory burdens on families and businesses, to expanding school choice and enshrining local control to opt out of Common Core.

His one stumbling block as a Presidential candidate seemed to be immigration. Yet even he repealed in-state tuition for illegals.

He should also support fines for sanctuary cities.

He should continue to stand with working Wisconsites--and Americans!--of all colors!

Cities for citizens!

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