Sunday, February 28, 2016

Huntington Park Tragedy-Nick the Greek Moving Out

February 28th, 2016.

What was feared, or rather a source of dread for many daring freedom-loving Americans, has happened.

Nick Ioannidis, aka Nick the Greek is moving his patriot treasures out of his tailor shop.

He had to sell his property, since bad business loans and fraudulent non-payment from the Huntington Park City Council has forced him out.

The stories I have heard about what the city of Huntington Park has put this man through -- it is beyond incredible.

Nick the Greek

From the early 1980s until the present day, mafia elements in Huntington Park have been trying to scare off Nick.

Nefarious elements planted a bomb in his car!

The bomb did explode, and killed one passenger.

Nick survived, despite his head crashing through the windshield of his car!

This kind of abuse and tyranny needs to be rooted out!

Instead of being rooted out, Nick the Greek is being forced to move out!

This is evil! This is wrong!

Why is this good and honest immigrant forced to move out of the city where he has donated so much of his time, effort, and love?

Friends and neighbors still celebrate Nick the Greek.

Political figures throughout Los Angeles County and around the country have celebrated his love for country, his adopted home

And now?

The Huntington Park City Council has stiffed Nick on the hundreds of thousands of dollars which the city owes him.

The police have not responded to his calls when there is over parking from the mortuary next door to his property.

Police officers were even directed to kill this man!

No wonder he can barely contain his rage when people confront about what is happening in Huntington Park.

This "City of Perfect Balance" is supposed to serve immigrants, right?

Immigrants are legal residents, individuals who obeyed the law to enter this country.

And yet ...

The Huntington Park City Council appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions.

The city has disregarded the rule of law repeatedly.

The last two years the city council has excluded Nick the Greek from Immigrants Day celebrations.

This is discrimination! This is wrong!

His story needs to be told, and people need to know that in the city where immigrants are supposed to be celebrated and feel welcome, the most patriotic of them all has been treated like trash and forced out of his business.

Please! Help us stop this wrongdoing! Help us to preserve Nick's legacy


  1. Thanks for writing about this story.

  2. I have been a long Nick the Greek, I just found out he was no longer on Gage, I think this is a shame what has happened.