Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Huntington Park Recall Served (2-16-2016)

The latest Huntington Park City Council meeting was the wildest ride I have seen yet.

I arrived just in time, after lengthy conversions with a number of key conservaties up and down the state of California.

It is getting so busy for us who want to turn the state of California around!

Rudy Cruz showed me the water that the city of Huntington Park is wasting in the storm drains. He recorded a long seuence of water running out into the sewers and out to sea?

Why is the city doing this? To charge higher water rates!

Insane! This waste of water has been washing the city out for decades, too!

In the city council meeting, I met with a number of key players who have this recall happen!

First and foremost, Linda Caraballo.

Linda Caraballo with Recall Papers
She  worked really hard with residents in the city, and with We the People Rising who have come from outside the city.

Francisco Rivera was ready to serve the papers which I would read to Mayor Karina Macias and Jhonny Pineda.

Sandra Orozco would read the papers for Marilyn Sanabria and Graciela Ortiz, while George Franco would serve them.

Within seconds of the Mayor calling the meeting to order, I stood up and announced that I had legal documents to serve to the city council.

Mayor Karina Macias called me out of order the moment that I approached the podium to read the recall papers.

Instead of a long, drawn out series of presentations and discussions, the city council went right into public comment.

I was the third person to speak. Just like last time, the city council did not divide public comment on agenda and then non-agenda items.

After one minute, as I was reading the recall papers, Macias began repeatedly interrupting me, trying to stop me and prevent me from reading her recall out.

I refused to be kowtowed or intimidated into silence.

Her behavior was beyond ridiculous, as well as pathetic and pointless. It was too late for her. There was no way that she was going to delay or prevent the inevitable.

The whole audience erupted over the city council's disrespectful behavior. Karina and her cronies tried to run away, but throughout the recess, We the People Rising kept raising our voices.

The cowardice and desperation of the Huntington Park City Council and staff is just incredible.

They returned, and the public comment continued.

Later, Francisco Rivera delivered the papers to Macias and Pineda.

Other members of We the People Rising excoriated the cowardice, corruption, and outright rude behavior of the city council.

An attorney for HP Tow then announced that the company was suing Huntington Park for breach of contract. The four rogues on the city council, who have repeatedly ignored Councilman Amezquita, who have resorted to corruption of all sorts helping out their friends and relatives at the expense of the city, all of them are feeling the choke-hold bringing them down to nothing.

We the People Rising fulfilled our threat, and served the recall papers.

They could not prevent us from holding them accountable!