Thursday, February 25, 2016

Congresswoman Roybal-Allard--What Would Your Father Say?

Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Bell), has been a fixture in Southeaster Los Angeles politics for more than two decades.

Before she ran for Congress, her father, Edward Roybal, represent East Los Angeles for over thirty years.

Roybal was a vocal promoter of illegal immigration and illegal aliens.

Now look at the region fifty years since he sat in Congress,

The Southeast LA region hosts some of the worst and lowest-rated cities in the country.

The rising spate of illegal aliens is putting pressure on all the legal residents, the vast majority of who came to seek the American Dream of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

In Mexico, and in other failed states throughout Latin America and the world, men and women are thirsting for liberty.

Yet the machine politics of daughter Roybal-Allard and company has made the American Dream just as unattainable for the rising tide and teeming masses.

She has done next to nothing for the region.


Cudahy and Maywood, now listed as sanctuary cities, have brought in more crime and corruption. They have some of the poorest records on quality of life.

Low income, high crime, no access to economic growth or opportunity.

More people want to buy their own homes, but why would they want to live in cities where poverty and disregard for the law occupy every corner of every sidewalk?

The LA County sheriff had to pick up after the Mawyood police department (now disbanded) and clean up after the corrupt and failing policies of previous administrations.

Throughout the Southeastern region, city governments are falling into spirals of fraud, and the FBI has has to arrest and later convict a number of locally elected officials for public integrity malfeasance.

Where is Roybal-Allard in the midst of all of this?

Would her father look over her shoulder today and say that she was doing the best thing for Americans of Hispanic descent in this country?

More Hispanic-Americans are tired of the corruption and inaction of state as well as local governments.

They put America First, and demand that their elected officials do the same.

Why did Roybal-Allard not allow her constituents--who had invited me to come with them--to speak to her on issues concerning them in Cudahy and Huntington Park?

Why has she continued to stay silent and not say anything against the cycle of deception and disappointment eating up Huntington Park? Or against the appointment of two illegal aliens onto two city commissions?

She is an inactive, inattentive member of Congress, to put it mildly.

She has no problem promoting gay marriage, but she can't ensure safety and security for families throughout her district.

So, we have to ask the Congresswoman what we ask every misbehaving adult:

Edward Roybal
What would your father say?

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