Saturday, February 27, 2016

Senator Lindsey Graham is "S'More"

I have written about US Senator Lindsey Graham in previous posts, decrying his willingness to ease away from his pledge not to raise taxes. I have also supportedhis strong stance against nominees for Secretary of Defense candidate Chuck Hagel and CIA Directornominee John Brennan.

Sadly, Graham is crumbling, betraying his own colleagues in the US Senate, while choosing to dine with the President. Graham's membership on "The Gang of Eight" has given "compromise" a bad name, since every agreement with the President and the Democratic leaders in Congress has only raised revenue without cutting spending or bringing down the national debt without providing relief for the taxpayer. Three Democrats voted against the fiscal cliff deal, showing more integrity with their views, even if they chose not to stand with their party.

Congressman Graham fought against the lying and corruption of the stained and soiled former President Bill Clinton. From his ascendancy to the US Senate until today, Graham has gone from outsider to insider, representing the interests of the Beltway instead of the Palmetto State. Graham has made other political blunders, too. He endorsed a Democrat for Congress, Howard Berman of Valley Village, CA, when he should have stayed out of race altogether. He supported unqualified judicial nominees (Sotomayor, Kagan). He has recently insulted an outspoken libertarian US Senator, Rand Paul of Kentucky, who pressed President Barack Obama to confirm that drones would not be used against American citizens on domestic soil. Graham denounced Senator Rand Paul's staged filibuster to block the confirmation of John Brennan, a nominee who gave troubling answers without providing any confirmation that future drone strikes would never be used against Americans.

Senator Graham and his meandering (neither moderate nor maverick) Arizona Senator John McCain, have gutted an pretense of representing the people, the taxpayers, the businesses, in their states or in this country. Not ideology, but idiocy undermines these two senators. The voters of South Carolina should not submit to Graham's poor representation any further. 

Graham has crumbled. He is like a "S'more" who looks tough on the outside, but on the inside he wants to be liked (the chocolate), and he is squishy and soft on the issues (the marshmallow). Ge may counter with "compromise, compromise!" Compromise is not a bad word, but it must be principled, it must be purposeful, and it must remain persuasive.

Someone must mount a serious primary challenge to Senator Graham for his growing list of abuses: illiberal Supreme Court nominees, reneging on no-tax pledges, to his refusal to filibuster the appointment of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense, in spite of Hagel's dreadful performance before the Armed Services Committee (defenseless in the face of his "Jewish Lobby" comment). 
Someone needs to have him removed from office for parting ways with his oath of office.
In his latest shameful act, he said that anyone who killed Ted Cruz would never be prosecuted because everybody hates him.
First of all, he has friends in the US Senate with the pro-liberty caucus, including Mike Lee (R-UT) as well as members of  the House who have refused to to stop fighting the Big Government onslaught from Washington against the states and the people.
Graham also claims that the Republican Party has gone batsh** crazy. No, the votes, the grassroots, the base is "Mad as Hell" and tired of campaign conservatives who cave and keep voting against our rights and dignity!
This S’more is a Satan Sandwich!
He has crumbled under the pressures of a politician who wants to please everybody, and even when he gets tough, in the end he reveals how softy and squishy he really is. South Carolina, and the United States, deserve better.

No More of Lindsey “Smore” Graham – He needs to be roasted over a fire and eaten away for good!

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