Thursday, February 25, 2016

MCO Tax Will Fund Medi-Cal for Illegals

Why did California Democrats rush through the MCO tax a few years ago?

Because they had bet on Republicans taking back the needed number of seats to block tax increases in the future.

Let's not forget that the California Democrats are intent on turning the Golden State into a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, and reducing citizenship--and all its privileges--to a byword.

One California resident wrote toe me:


This is a very complicated issue but this new tax is part of the scheme 
to pay for Medi-Cal coverage for illegals. It's a tax which has 
previously been paid by federal healthcare money. In SB 10, it calls for 
an Obamacare Section 1332 waiver which will divert federal healthcare 
dollars to cover the illegals. I can't seem to explain this process to 
other people but it's very clear to me.

I'm talking about this story: 

From the Sacramento Bee

"California has had some kind of tax on 
managed-care organizations for a decade, with support from Democrats and 
Republicans alike. Under the existing arrangement, health plans with 
Medi-Cal patients pay the tax, which in turn helps the state pull in 
more than $1 billion in federal money to offset state costs. The federal 
funds allow participating health plans to break even.  

No taxes!

No federal kool-aid!

No breaking the bank in the hollow quest to break even!


The state of California should have never expanded Medi-Cal for anyone, legal and definitely illegal.

The United Sates and every state government should not be in the medical insurance business at all.

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