Friday, February 12, 2016

Ref Rodriguez Loves Jeb!

Ref Rodriguez is so happy, oh so happy to be an LAUSD School Board member.

Listen to his speech after getting sworn into office.

He talked about groups, about community, about unity.

All of this is good.

Yes, political figures should talk about working together.

But we need principled -- not pandering -- unity!

He emphasized: "We are here to educate ALL kids."

One can surmise he speaks of illegal as well as legal residents.

He mentioned "the immigrant" as well as the "LA native".

I notice that these activists love to talk about immigrants. I think they need to be clear. Are they talking about legal or illegal immigrants?

There really is a difference. Immigrant should be reserved for those in the country legally.

He talked about open schools, playgrounds, etc.



Then he talked about social justice. UGH! What is that supposed to mean? All of that contains a communistic veneer.

Then he talked about making schools more humane. Hmm.

He then compared the district to a loving mother. What? Here we go again. The school become the child's parent.

Then he spoke in Spanish. What is trying to hide from the audience? This is America. Why won't he speak in English?!

Then he came back to English.

He started talking about the need for love!


He reminded me of Jeb Bush, who made the "Act of Love" comment about illegal immigration

Love means nothing without justice, without respect for boundaries and the rule of law.

Otherwise, love turns into license and death.

All this talk about love, acts of love in particular.

I had to wonder: It sounds like Ref is a Jeb! fan.

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