Monday, February 29, 2016

Ref Rodriguez at the Ellen Ochoa Learning Center (Feb, 25, 2016)

At the Ellen Ochoa Learning Center, I spoke with LAUSD School Board member Ref Rodriguez two times.

Both times, my camera was available and visible for all to see.

The first time, I asked him about why LAUSD did not have enough money for the schools.

Prop 30 was all about restoring the funds which the state government had take away, Rodriguez told me.

What elected officials are not telling the residents of Cudahy or elswhere in LAUSD is that much of the district money gets wasted or taken away in lawsuits. Miramonte, anyone?

Ref Rodriguez

I started telling him to oppose the sanctuary district policy.

At that point, he started ignoring me.

As he walked toward the back exit, his office staff started surrounding him and prevented me from speaking to him further.

He then ducked into a nearby library to have a conference with a parent.

Is this how Rodriguez treats his constituents, too?

Teachers and parents had called him out during the meeting, claiming that he already knew the district's plans to turn the empty rooms at Ellen Ochoa Learning Center over to a charter school.

And now he is working hand-in-hand to permeate the lawlessness of de facto amnesty in LA Unified,

Enough is enough!

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  1. i can understand your frustation but when it comes to Charter issues he sill no listen due to his co sponsoring of PUC charter schools, I wish the same efforts he made and putt to spread the information and propaganda with the Charters School, I wish he do the same with our public education and supports, and gives resources to our Public Schools but that's never going to happen!