Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cuda-Hate Continues

Adrian Lokz continues with his Cuda-hate.

Does he not understand that the fight takes place at all levels, and that We the People Rising are pressing against the corrupt  and malfeasance everywhere.

How do you expect the city of cudahy to get rid of all the illegal residents?? you are just spinning your wheels..

If I am spinning my wheels, then why does he care?

We are not spinning our wheels, since we have launched recall against the four Huntington Park City Council members.

 by saying that Cudahy is a "Sanctuary for immigrants" does grant them any type of public benefits, it was just a simple statement that doesnt go any further than that, the council men will not be able to save them from any laws enforced by INS . 

Yes, but if there is no power to it, why did the city council issue the sanctuary city policy in the first place?

Even if the coincil men agreed with you he has no jurisdiction to conduct a raid on illegal immigrants living in cudahy .. if it was possible many other cities in l.a county would have done it already..  if you want to make a change , you need to go to the place where changes are made.. in DC

We are already #MakingDCListen.


  1. its a meaningless policy , tell me how that policy provide any type of protection or immunity to illegal residents living in Cudahy. INS can step in at any given time they wish to do so.

    i dont care about what you stand for, i care that you are disturbing the peace in cudahy, thats the difference.

  2. Yes the fight takes place at all levels but you are not starting at the right point , you cant fix cudahy then the rest of the country, you have to start at the top and work your way down. if you manage to make a change in cudahy and by that time someone in DC makes a change to benefit illegal immigrants in the country (including cudahy) that would have defeated your purpose..