Thursday, February 4, 2016

Marco Rubio is Out of the Race

Did you know that I got this message four times in my email box?!

Four times!

Here are the contents of the email:


Another one of my opponents has announced his departure from the presidential race because he ran out of money. It’s a sad but true fact about campaigning -- you can only go as far as you have funding.

Yes, it's about the money. Right now, Rubio has played the Establishment favorite since he wants to be nice and get along with everyone.

And he's not white. Yes, he does better in front of the camera. Yes, he defeated an Establishment Republican-turned-Independent and a Democrat in 2010. Then he turned his back on his base, his state, and his country.

Integrity and trust are essential elements for a candidate. If I cannot trust you, I will not vote for you.


We cannot allow that to happen to our campaign.

Our conservative message struck a chord with Iowans. Now it’s time to make certain that every voter in New Hampshire and South Carolina hears us too.

Not really. What did strike a chord was a strong ground-game from the Cruz camp, followed by a disgust with the other Establishment get-along candidates, who are going nowhere fast.

If you support me and our campaign, then I need you to chip in right now. We cannot afford to allow our nation to fall into the wrong hands just because we didn’t stand up and take action today.

Marco Rubio is not the stand-up candidate I am looking for right now. I take his word for his tough stance on foreign policy, but he won't disavow the terrible immigration bill in 2013, nor the piecemeal pandering to illegal aliens with in-state tuition handouts etc.

Marco Rubio (Credit: Michael Vadon)

Sorry, Marco, but you are simply not my first choice.

I know our message resonates with millions of Americans who want a leader they can trust and count on. I promise you that when I’m President I will restore the great values and traditions our nation was founded on, building us a New American Century. But I can only get there if I have your immediate support.

Will you chip in $10 or more right now to let me know I can count on you?

I asked my campaign to put together unique donation buttons just for you:

Donate $10 >>
Donate $15 >>
Donate $25 >>
Donate $40 >>

Arthur, I am not running for President to be popular or climb some sort of social ladder. I am running for President of the United States because I want to look into my children's eyes and know that their future -- and every child’s future -- is going to be bright and safe. I want to be able to ensure that they are given a better and more prosperous country than what we currently have.

Marco wanted to be the first Hispanic President since he was a kid. This is a great deal about himself. I am glad that he cares for his children, but why did I have to get four email blasts scaring me into thinking that he is going to drop out of the race?

That is why I am running for President, and that is why I am asking for your immediate support. Your donation today will guarantee I am able to continue campaigning and fighting for a better nation.

Arthur, it’s only going to get tougher. The attacks are going to increase and my opponents are certainly going to get more negative. I need your help to fight back and ensure I have the necessary funds to do so. I am running a positive campaign, but I will never shy away from telling you the facts about my opponents’ records on both sides of the aisle.

The attacks are getting tougher because Marco is running from his former record in Florida as well as in the US Senate. His latest endorsement from Rick Santorum showed how weak he is.

What record can he run on?

Our nation and our citizens deserve better leadership.

Yes, our citizens, and citizenship will get watered down if millions of illegal aliens get a pathway to citizenship.

I hope I can count on you today.


Marco Rubio

Rubio wants to make hay while the sun shines on his burst of esteem from the media.

Jeb Bush has to beg people to clap for him.

Ben Carson is laying off campaign staff.

Chris Christie's wife, Mary Pat, sent off an email in hopes that a last surge of support will help him do well in New Hampshire.

Marco threatens that he may drop out of the race. The Big Money donors don't want to lose a controllable candidate. Marco is their last, best shot.

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