Saturday, February 20, 2016

Election 2016: South Carolina

The results are pouring in little by little on Google.

For greater intents and purposes, Donald Trump has won South Carolina.

The dance between second and third place lies with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

I am surprised how close they are, even though they are far apart when it comes to record and temperament.

The media is starting to shower its love on Rubio, and Trump gets easy press every time he opens his mouth.

Ted Cruz has to fight against the Washington Cartel and the Media, which never wants to focus on him and his fight.

As more candidates drop out, the uestions linger as to whom they will endorse next.

Rumors swirled that Rubio reached out to Christie, even though the New Jersey Governor laid the smack-down on the first-term US Senator in New Hampshire.

Rubio is going to take on the Establishment mantle, the candidate whom party bosses and the donors can push around.

It look as if Donald Trump is gaining the momentum.

Ted Cruz either has to get the ground game in gear, or he is going away.

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