Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cruz' Take on South Carolina

A leader who faces hard times and narrowing opportunities has to put on the best face going forward.

US Senator Ted Cruz issued the latest eblast about South Carolina:

To everyone in South Carolina who voted, thank you.

Wish I could have been there, Ted, and then again, perhaps I am glad that I was not there.

Cruz is the most likely successor to Ronald Reagan, and yet the electorate is not tuning in.

I saw what happens when inspired conservatives come together to determine the future of the country. When conservatives unite, we win. This is true around the country. It will be true this year. It is energizing and deeply inspiring to see Americans unite around conservative principles to fix the mess that Washington has made.

When they unite? I believe that they have united, but there are not enough of them determining the course of the party anymore. We have establishment candidates, conservatives, and now a third and growing element: the populist vote, which Donald Trump is scooping up.

Our vision for this great nation is resilient and empowering, and every voter deserves to see it.

They deserve to see it, but I fear they will not receive it.

Dozens of states will vote in the coming weeks, Fellow Conservative. We will need to have staff on the ground in every county in every one of them. It will be the biggest challenge we face this year.

This is it, Nevada and then Super Tuesday. Make it happen, Ted!

As you join me in this moment, I urge you to match your previous donation to my campaign. If not, please consider a donation of $5, $25, or a custom amount.

Done. I have never donated to a Presidential campaign before. Today was the first time I did. I am proud to have done so. You deserve it, Ted Cruz. I want you to be the next President of the United States!

Last night, we showed every other candidate in the race that a nation of conservative voters is ready to send one of their own to the White House.

I hope so. I recognize that Ted and Marco danced around for second place in South Carolina, but for Cruz to finish ten points behind Donald Trump should be a wake-up call. Get with the program or go home!

Cruz has more money going into Nevada and Super Tuesday that all other other rivals (with Trump on an even parity), but we have also seen that money is not buying this election. No way.

Fellow Conservative. I hope to see your name on our list of supporters.

Yes, you will, and yes you do!

Thank you, and God Bless.

Ted Cruz

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