Thursday, February 4, 2016

Weekend at Bernie's Outraises Madam Hillary

As if the news could not get any better.
Hillary Clinton is begging donors to help her out of her campaign whole.
She just sent out the following eblast!
Wow! A dessicated socialist is outraising the felonious former First Lady.
Good Times!
Hillary Clinton outhustled by Weekend at Bernie Sanders (Credit: Marc Nozell)
Friend --

For the first time this campaign, we're being outraised by our opponent. Bernie raised more than $20 million in January (and another $3 million so far this month) -- we fell short at only $15 million for Hillary for America.

If you've believed that Hillary Clinton is going to win this election because other people are going to step up and take care of it, this should be a very loud wake-up call.

There's no cavalry coming -- it's just people like you who are going to decide whether or not to step up to elect the first woman president our country has ever had.

If you're with her, chip in $1 to show it today:

Thank you,


Dennis Cheng
National Finance Director
Hillary for America 

Wow! Sanders is outraising the Madam herself. She has sold herself to the lowest bidder in her desperate quest for power. Bubba could play to the center and do well.

Hillary Clinton has no center to run to in her party, since the left has all but taken over.

If the Democrats thought that Walter Mondale or George McGovern were bad, just wait till Weekend at Bernie's wages war on the Middle Class and working people.

Yet again, just five minutes ago, the Clinton campaign issued another desperate reminder:

Friend --

We just learned that the Sanders campaign raised $5 million more than ours did in January, and they raised another $3 million in a single day after the Iowa caucus.
Yes, Hillary, we all know that the old white guy from Vermont has outraised you. I guess the whole First Woman President schtick has worn thin, huh?

I’m proud of the campaign we're running -- I'm committed to standing with you to make life better for American families, and I'm ready to fight by your side to earn every vote, take on the Republicans, win the White House, and make history.
Proud? Michael Bloomberg is mulling a bid because your campaign is crashing and burning. Jim Webb has not made any formal decisions about whether to run, since he could seize a sizable portion of the center and do fairly well.
Madam Hillary isn't charming her lovers anymore.
But if we don't win this nomination, we'll never get the chance to do those things. So on this important night, show me you’re with me. All I need is $1 to know you're here on this team, fighting in my corner, ready to do what it takes to win:

Thank you,


Throw your hands up and hold you head back, like you got a nose bleed. The Democratic Party is moving towards and moving like Bernie!

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