Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cudahy Love: Resident Speaks Truth About Immigration

I received this extended, informative statement about immigration from another Cudahy, CA resident, Francisco Torres:

My point of view from a  from Perepecha the enemy of the Aztecs.

 Immigration into United States

Following archeological facts people from Europe came to America 16, 500 to 13, 000 years ago during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) according to the hypothesis by Dennis Stanford and Bruce Bradley.

What we know as the American continent was native land to 500 nations before the modern times European Conquest of the Americans 1492-1800.

The 500 Nations had problems among each other about territory, laws, traditions, language and religion.

In current territory from Mexico the Aztecs were at war with Perepecha.  The Aztecs conquer people and took over their land.  The main reason for Aztecs to have wars was to get salves or prisoners of war.  Aztecs sacrificed young virgins and prisoner of wars to their goods.  Aztecs eaten the heart and made a drink with the blood of their human sacrifice.  Native Americans from US had arms conflicts with each other.

Human tragedy took place during the Europe Conquest to Americas.  “500 American Nation” engaged into a military conflict with Europe.

July 4, 1776 is the Independence Day of the United States

I do recognize the genocide done to Pre-Colombian Nations, US Native Americans, Mexicans living in the territory sold to the United States.  Puerto Rico the great Island is a territory for the US.
Fernado Espuelas comment: "The founding father gave opportunities to Loyalist to become US Citizens. Tories or Loyalist did not wanted independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain"
We have problems with immigration system in the US due to bad chose taken by business owners during 1940’s.  Therefore corrupted elected officials got financed by the bad chose taken by business owners who ignored the Brasero Law in 1942.  Some business owners did not asked immigrant workers for proper identification to work following US Immigration System and Brasero Program.  Due to the fact there was no enforcement of the Brasero Program greedy individuals become rich by the cheap labor from people without legal rights.  Greedy people stared to finance the political careers of corrupted elected officials.

We are living in 2016 and the World population has increased.  The World does not have the resources to support the life of all humans in the World.  All current nations have laws related to territory and immigration.  All humans moving to other place have rights.  US Citizens elect people in government to manage the resources of the nation.  We are a nation organized by laws written in the US Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and Civil Rights.

Persons with bad intentions become elected officials to get power and to use people with no legal rights to become rich.  Therefore business owners who do not care about human rights finance political campaigns.

Persons like the young Cudahy City Council Majority making bad decisions for the local city take bandage of the law obeying residents waiting to have a New US President, Vice-President also members of the House and Congress elected.

The responsibilities of the Immigration System are for the Federal Government local City Council can help supporting the people writing law changes, writing and calling elected officials at Federal Level to find solutions for the well-being of the country.

Francisco Torres (left) with Rocio Pacheco

Corrupted local elected officials break the agreements and laws stated in the US Constitution, Civil Rights and Federal Law.  The enforcement of law become difficult due to the decisions from corrupted elected officials when they call proclaims a city “Sanctuary City for persons with no documents to be in the US.”

 California Sheriff's department had made the stamen they will not enforce all laws form Homeland Security Immigration Department.

Cudahy lost Federal funding due to the fact Chris Garcia and the majority of Cudahy City Council proclaims Cudahy a “Sanctuary City.”  There was no need to call Cudahy a “Sanctuary City” because President Obama implemented the Dream Act, local Sheriff Department does not agree with all the requirements from Homeland Security and Immigration System.  Sheriff focus is to put persons who break the law in jail.  The job of ICE is to enforce the immigration laws.

Chris Garcia and the Majority of Cudahy City Council puts fear into people when he makes the stamen “Do not open your door to ICE.”  People understand their civil rights and we have groups who dedicate to be sure human rights and civil rights are protected.  The Sheriff Department and Civil Right Organizations provide information about what to do when a person is visit by ICE or Sheriff Department without a Court Order.

Los Cuatro Compas: the four homies uses fear to manipulate the community of Cudahy who are waiting for a change in government who will make a decision in immigration.  At this time Dreamers are in the limbo and they do not know what will happen to them.  Other people are in the process to get a work permit, green card or become a US Citizen.

Due to the corruption and instigation done by Los Cuatro Amigos people form Cudahy are afraid of filling complains about corruption.  When the local residents fill out complains to corresponding government offices they the community form Cudahy get ignored.

Most people do not take in consideration the purchasing power from Cudahy.  Is been mention  in a Planning and Parks Commission that Cudahy a square mile city has a greater quantities of inhabitants who rent or own a house than a square mile block from Mexico DF City.

Elected officials ignore the voting increase in young US Citizens and people who become US Citizens living in Cudahy for this Presidential Election.
The majority from Cudahy City Council does not give credit to residents for becoming organize by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), founded in 1929.

Persons at higher elected offices such as Senator Ricardo Lara, Assembly member Anthony Rendon, US Congress Woman Lucille Royball-Allard and Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis have ignored the call from help from Cudahy residents.

Cudahy residents are working with persons who might do not have the same point of view about immigration.  Cudahy respects the point of view of people who will vote for Donald Trump.  The difference in culture and political party affiliation is used by the corrupted elected officials to divide the community.  This creates a division in political activism groups following corruption in a local city council.  Therefore the corrupted elected official is able to hide his bad decisions, wrongs done to the community, violations of Brown Act, US Constitution and Law of the Land.

Chris Garcia has the habit of calling the work places of the people who complain about him and gives bad references to get the person fire from the workplace.  Chris Garcia ask his lawyers friends to do a back ground check about people who does not like him, tray to find ways to put them in jail, to lost immigration process or get deported by Immigration Home Land Security Department.

Francisco J. Torres, a resident from the Southeast Communities Los Angeles.


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