Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Comments to Cudahy City Council: February 2, 2016

Good Evening, Cudahy City Council:

My name is Arthur Schaper, resident of Torrance, citizen of the US, member of We the People Rising.

I am here to protest as well as exposed your outrageous proposal to limit public participation and comment in the city of Cudahy.

The proposed ordinance reads as follows:

The City Council conducts its public meetings in the Council Chambers of City Hall in accordance with The Ralph M. Brown Act (Gov. Code § 549501 et seq.). In recent years our country has seen a rise in the frequency of violence in public places, including the recent shooting in a public building in San Bernardino County, and such violence is often politically motivated and directed at public servants. In keeping with the public’s expectation that its government servants strive to protect the public, City officials have discussed with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the issues of security and fire and life safety at public meetings.

First of all you, are not public servants. You serve yourselves. You deprived little girls of the opportunity to perform for their friends and family. You are spending money you do not have, then borrowing more to plug a $1 million debt. I visited the La Princesa Bakery, and told them how you are spending money the city does not have.

Second of all, at the San Bernardino shooting, those individuals were not targeted for political reasons, The two Islamic terrorists who attacked the building had a vicious agenda. Somewhat like yours. Those terrorists brought guns. You bring stealth efforts to stop the people from attending these meetings.

Here in this city council chambers, you had four—four!—sheriff’s deputies stationed. You are not in danger at all, except that you may face a recall, or more likely jail time!

If you are doing this because of what happened on January 11, let us not forget that it was Chris Garcia would started shouting at people in the audience, which in turn led to complete pandemonium in these chambers. He then stormed out of these meetings, snidely telling me that my “zipper was open”. To this day, I still do not understand why he was looking down there for so long. Jealousy, perhaps?

Furthermore, the four of you have invited  this anarchy and chaos by your decision to turn Cudahy into a sanctuary city for illegal aliens—or is it for immigrants? There is a difference, and the fact that you cannot tell the difference demonstrates how little your understand your job or your place.

I am appalled and astounded at the cowardice and craven fraud on the part of the four members of this city council. You cancel regularly scheduled meetings, then try to call special meetings at the last minute.

And now you want to move the meetings to another, smaller, far removed place: why?

Not to protect the community, but to protect yourselves.

Not to ensure transparency, but to cover up your criminal deeds.

Not to provide an open forum, but to close off the demands for accountability.

We will contact the public integrity office again very soon about your misdeeds.

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