Thursday, February 4, 2016

MA Legislature: Say NO to H-97!

To the legislators of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

There is no bill more stupid and wasteful of the Commonwealth's time than the gay-aversion ban.

The name is so misleading and dangerous.

Many young people who seek therapy are simply seeking the truth, to know that they are not bad or maimed just because adults took advantage and molested them.

Homosexuality is not a genetic trait, nor a natural, alternative form of sexual preference.

Homosexual conduct is harmful and dangerous, and by every means parents and young people should seek help.
Massachusetts State Legislature

The truth is that such a bill is badly named and distorted its true and negative impact.

Such a bill should be called "Molester Insulation and Co-conspiracy Bill", since such legislation would prevent minors and other people harmed by sexual abuse, misconduct, or confusion from seeking help to learn the truth about human nature, sexuality, and the consequences of poor choices.

Shame on the co-sponsors for even considering this outrageous legislation.

I am an authority to speak against this bill, since my Congressman Ted Lieu, at one time a state legislator in California, first introduced this insane and immoral legislative proposal, when it became law.

People who struggle with confused identity or same-sex attraction need love and support, but not to engage in destructive practices.

They need to know that they can speak to any adult in trust and tell them that they want to be free of shame and guilt, free to know the truth and live in proper conduct as a mature and thriving adult.

Say No, Put on Hold, and Kill H97!

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