Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chelsea Shills for Mommy

Now it gets desperate.

Hillary Clinton is relying on her daughter to raise money, too.

She is already behind by $5 million.

Democrats are less interested in her run.

She is totally Establishment, and playing the gender card is no longer helping her.

If people want to vote for a real woman, they should vote for Carly Fiorina!

Hillary Clinton has enabled sexual predators (her husband), and has put the lives of our service men in jeopardy.
Chelsea Clinton (credit: Kyle Cassidy)

Here is Chelsea's eblast:

Friend --

The Hillary Clinton you saw at this week's debate is the person I've seen every day of my life: Unbelievably well-informed on issues at home and around the world, graceful, funny, and lightning quick on her feet.

The general consensus was anything but. Clinton is a pretty bad candidate, Democratic donors are flirting with the idea of getting Joe Biden to reconsider and run.

Now's the time to show her that you're with her.

Will you chip in $1 today and show my mom you're willing to do whatever it takes to help her win this election?

Donate $1

Thank you,


Feel the desperation. Feel the schadenfreude!

Hillary Clinton is going down like the Titanic: slow, painful, and everyone is watching!

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