Monday, February 1, 2016

Jim Gilmore's Immigration Platform

Before former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore realizes that he has less of the vote than the undecided caucus goers in Iowa, readers should consider and respect his immigration policy.

The first thing I am going to do is get every illegal immigrant who is a criminal, like the man who allegedly shot down Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco, off our streets.

Every illegal immigrant in the country is a criminal. Period.

 I will – quickly – secure our borders and end the ability of cities to declare themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens. 

Gov. Jim Gilmore (Michael Vadon)
WOW. There's an idea. Secure the damn border!

And I will insist that the only path to citizenship for illegals currently in our nation is a path back across the border. 

This is the best line I have read yet on immigration. I never heard any other candidate say it so simply and directly.

No one who comes to this country illegally should become a citizen. 

Perfect statement.

Those who come legally should be able to follow the path that has been taken by millions of other legal immigrants who have come to our country and become citizens.

That's the pathway to citizenship: one which begins and ends legally.

Too bad Gilmore does not have a pathway to the Presidency. He needs to drop out and endorse Ted Cruz for President!


  1. Sorry, but Cruz wants 5X increase in H1-N/H2B's, doubling of immigration quotas and was taking about the "path to Citizenship" not long ago. Have you heard him talking about deporting anyone at all?

    He is a GLOBALIST. Look at who his advisors are. He helped pass TPA.

    1. The fact that you did not read the post above, then lie about Cruz below, says it all. I pity your lack of understanding.