Friday, July 20, 2018

Call to Action: Support Vice-Mayor Ted Hickman at Dixon City Council Meeting

Hello California pro-Family Patriots!

Arthur Schaper, the Organization Director and current California Director for MassResistance, is working with Save California against the LGBT Hate machine, including the attacks on First Amendment Rights.

The latest assault is happening in Dixon, CA against Vice-Mayor Ted Hickman. In an article on his blog, Dixon shared his views on life, family, and natural marriage.

At the July 10th, 2018 Dixon City Council meeting, he endured an unjust, uncalled-for hate storm from left-wing activists who demanded his resignation

The abuse which he endured just for writing out in favor of natural marriage and family is appalling.

We need as many people as possible show support for Vice-Mayor Ted Hickman, Biblical morality, and the First Amendment!

This fight is crucial because homosexual-transgender activists are trying to throw Vice-Mayor Hickman out of office. These left-wing bullies will stop at nothing to silence anyone—and everyone-- for simply speaking the truth about the destructive LGBT Movement!

Please attend the next Dixon, CA City Council meeting:

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018
6:00pm (Meeting starts at 7:00pm)
600 East A St,
Dixon, CA 95620

 We already have supporters in the region who will attend the July 24th, 2018 Dixon City Council.

Media coverage will be there to cover our side, because Arthur Schaper will issue a press release to the major media markets and newspapers in the area on July 23rd.

Let’s send the message loud and clear: We Californians are tired of the left-wing LGBT Hate Machine bullying against men and women of conscience. We have a right and a need to speak out for life, for natural marriage, and for the nuclear family.

PLEASE feel free to contact Arthur for more information.

Again, here are the exact time and location of the Dixon City Council meeting:

July 24th, 2018
6:00pm (Meeting starts at 7:00pm)
600 East A St,
Dixon, CA 95620

Please bring signs supporting Vice-Mayor Hickman.

 If you can, please print copies and make signs of our “California MassResistance” Logo.

All you have to do is sign up for public comment and speak out in support of Vice Mayor Ted Hickman:

1.      Support for natural marriage, one man and one man.
2.      Support for biological gender identity, male and female.
3.      Support for the First Amendment—everyone has the right to speak their mind on issues, even if they are elected officials.

Once again, if anyone has any questions, please contact Arthur Schaper, Organization Direct for MassResistance at if you have any questions.

Thank you again!


Arthur Schaper
Organizational Director

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