Sunday, July 29, 2018

LA Times Should Eat Crow, Respect Our President's Accomplishments

The front page of the July 28th, 2018 edition of the Los Angeles Times contained a number of articles highlighting the accomplishments of our President, Donald J. Trump.

His executive orders to roll back scores of useless, onerous regulations have helped jumpstart a lagging economy. The tax reform legislation which he signed into law last year has brought in unparalleled growth and investment. That’s why the GDP is growing at 4.1%, something which the so-called experts and Democratic Party candidates said never could be done.

The Trump Administration’s extensive crackdown on sex trafficking and pedophile rings has exposed leading men (and women) guilty of sexual misconduct. Now that the Clinton Political Smear Machine is dead, these malefactors no longer get away with their crimes, including Les Moonves.

Finally, North Korea is returning America’s war dead from the Korean War. Previous Presidents spent more time appeasing North Korea’s belligerent international terrorism. President Trump imposed severe sanctions and forced “Rocket Man” Kim Jong-Un to the negotiating table.

Instead of repeatedly shaming President Trump’s accomplishments, newspapers like the Los Angeles Times should eat a little crow and acknowledge that Trump is Making America Great Again, and his policies will continue to do so.

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