Tuesday, July 24, 2018

"Abolish ICE!" Crazy SJWs Make No Sense (Photos and Videos)

At the "We Support ICE" rally, I found time to talk to some of the pro-illegal, open border activists.

Well, let's just say that I found time to try to talk to them.

The amount of brainwashing leveled against these younger people is pretty startling. Where are they learning this nonsense?

That is, unless these protesters are just paid to be there--which is very likely.

This lady was not in reality. She seemed very ill.

Some of the people commented on my video that she looked drugged out.

Here's the video of my brief exchange with her:


She kept repeating "This is stolen land. Stolen land."

Didn't she hear about the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?

Didn't she also know that the American Indians "stole" land from each other through conquest?

How far back do these self-loathing Brown Supremacists want to go?

As I confronted her to explain the whole "stolen land" scheme, this crazy lady just walked away.

Then she flipped me off at one point.

Pretty sad!

Then there was this guy, who got to attend the debate, while the rest of the public had to sit outside.

He wants to keep parents and children together. OK.

How does he plan to bring Ruben Morfin back to his mother Angie?

Ruben was murdered by an illegal alien. What about his dreams? Don't they matter?

The lady in the black jacket loved to chant about the KKK.

She then looked at me and the rest of our team, claiming that we were racists and white supremacists.

These radical left-wing bigots are just shameless in their stupidity.

I gave her a quick history lesson on the Democratic Party, but she wasn't interested in listening to the truth.

Lots of these SJWS had their "ICE out of LA" signs too. One has to wonder how they would like the County to fight transnational gangs, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and sex trafficking without ICE.

Los Angeles International Airport and the Port of Los Angeles are major hubs of international activity, including crime. ICE is a crucial part of the fight against these global crimes.

Crush ICE ... really.

I am more convinced every day that these are a bunch of ragtag

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