Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Folly of the Experts: 4% GDP and More On the Way

and then:

They said it couldn't be done.

President Trump and the Republican Congressman made it happen!

Businessman have a better acumen for things. They realize that no matter how deep their current knowledge base, factors out of their control remain in play, and they have to plan and respond accordingly.

Intellectuals think they know how the world works, and they want the world to work a certain way in accordance with their views, with their mindset that "This is how things should work out."

The intellectuals are often wrong, and they are wrong because they operate from a set of stodgy, preconceived notions which never respond to changing information.

Trump knows that there are rules to the marketplace, and one of the rules is that the set rules can shift or change over time. Trump understands this, and his ability to play off these changing circumstances enrages a lot of people.

But it's doing good for the public as a whole.

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