Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Regressive Left: Endorsing and Promoting Pedophilia

Check out the depths of the corruption that has infected Hollyweird.

Patton Oswalt suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome, just like Jim Carrey, Robert DeNiro, and other dimwits (no longer leading lights) in Hollywood.

Check out what this creepy comic shared on his Twitter feed five years ago:

These kind of jokes are beyond unsettling. Hollyweirdos think that such sexual perversity in their joking is appropriate. The disgust is compounded by the fact that sexual assault against minors is rampant in Hollywood.

The 2014 documentary "An Open Secret" exposes how pervasive the perversion of child predation has become:

How many people remember Whoopi Goldberg, when she excused Roman Polanski's rape of a 14-year old? He has been on the run from justice ever since.

Whoopi dismissed the crime by saying: "It wasn't 'rape-rape'":

Here again, you can hear her defending rape:

Notice how Whoopi wanted to call Bill Clinton's victims the agressors, and then claimed that Hillary Clinton was the victim?

The shameful disregard for personal mores is impalatable.

Cultural conservatives are starting to win this fight.

Mike Cernovich can claim another scalp for taking down pedophiliac Disney Director James Gunn for thousands of tweets which endorsed and celebrated pedophilia. Click here.

Cernovich and Jack Posobeic released damning social media about the Hollywood Director James Gunn:


What about Patton Oswalt? What about Whoopi Goldberg? When will they be held accountable?

Here are the sponsors for Goldberg's show "The View". Tell them to stop funding that terrible coffeeclatch claptrap until Whoopi is Good-bye:


Oh brother. Another sick comedian has been outed as a creepy pedophile.

And here's some more from Michael Ian Black:

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