Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dear Batsh*t Crazy Left-wingers: Did You Think You Were Going to Get Away With It?

During public comment at this Huntington Park City Council meeting (the city which had appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions), I mocked the corrupt police chief who had had me arrested for no reason in a previous meeting, then I shamed the city council. Someone in the audience shouted at me: “Why don’t you go to Malibu with that bullsh*t?”

The mayor called me out of order, and it was not clear she had said anything to the man who had shouted at me. Everyone else in the audience erupted in outrage. I yelled at the city councilmembers, who fled into closed session. With shock in his eyes, I confronted the left-winger who had yelled at me: “Did you think you were going to get away with it?”

It was vindicating and gratifying. When people who have endured repeated abuses finally see the tables turn on evildoers, it is wonderful. Unfortunately, the Left still believes that they can get away with “it”, i.e. abusive, disorderly misconduct against conservatives, peace-loving taxpayers, and American of all backgrounds after all this time. Why? Following the example of their evil godfather Saul Alinksy, these radicals exploited everyday civility. Most people give in rather than fight back because people simply want to live and let live.

However, “Leave me alone” means nothing to committed ideologues. This passivity allowed the Obama Administration to redefine justice with identity politics and discarded reality. Bureaucrats crushed the rights of citizens without reprisal. The Deep State was deeply invested in intimidating conservatives and shutting down free speech. Thugs burned up entire cities in the name of social protest. LGBT activists have not only demanded their “fair share” of protections but focused on ripping away other people’s rights.

The abuse came not just from activists and the government, but from the corrupt press, in part because they downplayed or ignored the abuses of the Left. They also lied a lot. Here’s one list of devastatingly false news reports. Thankfully, in the last five years we have seen the left-wing pundits, prognosticators, and preachers finally getting their due. One epic media smear collapsed when audio leaked out the full commentary from Clive Bundy of Nevada, who had stood up to the overreaching Bureau of Land Management. Martin Bashir of MSNBC was forced out when he suggested that people should be allowed to defecate in Former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s mouth. Left-wing mouthpiece Piers Morgan lost his slime-time talk show, too.

While bad journalism was getting busted, Trump is taking the war against Fake News from rare artform to common practice. He routinely slams their epic failures, distortions, and outright falsehoods. He draws on their influence, then uses their disparate market share to diminish them. What European conservatives have been doing for years, Trump has initiated, hosting the first “Fake News Awards” ceremony. Now more “reporters” are getting shown the door. Brian Ross is taking a hike for his fake news about Michael Flynn. The reporter who falsely claimed that the Capital Gazette shooter wore a MAGA hat? He’s gone! When a Los Angeles Times freelancer threatened indie journalist Mike Cernovich on Twitter, the Times swiftly fired the guy.

Paybacks feels good. I had never hoped to see a series of swift, massive comeuppances so soon. I What press agents had gotten away with in the past, they are no longer getting away with today, and the consequences go beyond their unprofessional, fraudulent reporting. Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose got fired for being too “handsy” with female staffers.

Sexual misconduct is prevalent among other institutions on Left, despite all their talk in favor of feminism and against sexism. Candidate Trump led the fight against the Left’s sex-crazed double standard with a press conference featuring the women whom Bill and Hillary Clinton had notoriously abused. Then Big Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein took a much bigger tumble for abusing his power and abusing multiple women. Today, the whole left-wing entertainment juggernaut is crashing, having flaunted their disdain for Biblical morality for decades while they got away with it. The #MeToo movement that sprang from Hollywood entangled other wealthy and well-connected liberals: actors, writers, and academics—but particularly elected officials.

Everyday social justice warrior mobsters are no longer getting away with their frequent quotidian infractions, violations, and crimes against conservative humanity. One Antifa thug got arrested after harassing pro-Trump patriots at Arizona State University. Another Antifa thug got punched royally in the face after attacking a Trump supporter in Portland. The barroom ballet clip went viral, shaming the violent left, and the Trumpster walked away a free man.

The black punks who bullied a disabled white kid are finally getting justice. Social media ensured that Brown Supremacist Kino Jimenez didn’t get away with stealing a teenager’s hat, and the same technology helped put this hateful college student under indictment for the same crime
Conservatives are fighting back against private establishments, too. The Red Hen restaurant unfairly turned away Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family. Now they cannot except walk-in customers because of mounting protests outsider their restaurant. These conservative counter-punches were unimaginable ten years ago.

Martin Luther King Jr. declared “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” It’s not the arc of history, since an era is not defined solely by inevitable forces, but choices and consequences. As soon as social media and other tech advances leveled the playing field for informing the public and shaping public opinion, the average citizen could easily report the truth and expose the lies. The big institutions (Media, Hollywood, Academia, Government) no longer have the power to cover up the wrongdoings of the Left while excessively covering the mere foibles of the Right. It is no surprise that the Left is freaking out, raging like cornered animals or spoiled children denying their crimes. They are finally facing their due punishment, that they are no longer getting away with decades of abuse, misconduct, and just plain bad manners.


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