Friday, July 6, 2018

SacBee Hack Cartoonist Plays Victim Instead of Respecting West Valley Trump Supporter

On Monday, July 2nd, I issued the following press release to combat the social media mob hatefest against LA County Trump supporter Roslyn La Liberte:

Torrance, CA--

LA County for Trump wishes to inform the public that Roslyn La Liberte has become the victim of a vicious, unsubstantiated set of media attacks because of false information released to the public.

Alan Vargas, an open-borders activist, sent out an inflammatory, false tweet attacking Trump Supporter Roslyn La Liberte, claiming that she had uttered racist epithets at a 14-year old named Joey Luevanos.

Even though both she and the boy have discredited those attacks in one report on Fox 11 News, media personalities such as Joy Reid, Ana Navarro, and Soledad O'Brien have continued to repost and retweet the libelous, misleading information at great length.

"This is absolutely terrible," said Arthur Schaper, member of LA County for Trump. "No one should be shamed or lose their business or livelihood because they want to speak out on issues which they care about, especially in public meetings--where everyone is allowed by law to attend and speak."

Mrs. La Liberte has suffered a substantial loss to her business. Clients have abandoned her because they wrongly believe she made unsolicited, racist verbal attacks at a city council meeting. This social media campaign of malicious hate is libelous and defamatory.

"We urge all major media outlets in the Southern California and National media markets to assist us in combatting the lies and help us correct the record and restore the reputation of our friend and fellow Trump supporter Roslyn La  Liberte," Schaper concluded.

For more information, please contact:

Arthur Schaper

I received the following response from Jack Ohman, the anti-Trump hack cartoonist from the Sacramento Bee:

Re: Media Advisory: Social Media Mob Defames Innocent Trump Supporter Roslyn La Libert Please Help Correct the Record
Mon 7/2, 1:20 PM
You replied on 7/2/2018 1:21 PM.

So, Ohman wants to play victim. "Poor me, poor us, poor left-wing press! We get dinged and mocked and shamed all the time by President Trump!"

Can you blame the President, though? 90% of what the mainstream media puts out there is flagrantly anti-Trump, even though the economy is roaring like crazy for all working people, including black and Hispanic Americans. Working people are finding jobs again. Illegal immigration is finally getting tackled. President Trump's "zero tolerance" policy has been effective at discouraging illegal aliens from entering the country, too. Energy independence is a growing reality for the United States. Our foreign allies respect the United States, and our enemies fear the United States. There is so much to celebrate. 

Here's a sample of Ohman's twisted sense of humor (twisted because based on false info):

No mention of the corruption from the mayor of San Juan or the massive waste which defines the bloated, big government abuse in Puerto Rico.

How about this one?

Really? The whole Putin angle? Still?! This is sad!

What a crock. 

Remember, Ohman is a cartoon hack, or a cartoonish hack.

It gets better. He wanted to cry about how unfairly the President attacks the press:

Here's a link you may find of interest. President Trump routinely publicly shames and threatens the working press.

Have a nice day.


P.S. I met Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the Gridiron Dinner. I shook her hand and complimented her on her dress.

I then responded:

There's one difference.

Roslyn is being lied about.

The "Fake News" press routinely lies about others.

Please send me those emails.

Ohman then ignored the unfair smear of Roslyn and continued to play victim:


Send me three lies that are verifiable.

Then I will be more than happy to oblige you, assuming you don't then dox me.

I gave him a good number of examples:

"Fake News" press, like:

Brian Ross:
Brian Ross is leaving ABC News after his erroneous report on former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Dan Rather:
Dan Rather said yesterday that he will end his nearly 24-year reign as CBS News anchor early next year, setting the terms of his departure instead of waiting for an investigative report on his rushed and admittedly flawed story on President Bush's National Guard service. In saying he will step down ...

How about this guy:
A Massachusetts newspaper reporter has resigned after falsely suggesting the perpetrator of the deadly shooting at a Maryland newspaper was wearing a President Donald Trump-inspired "Make America Great Again" hat.

How about the LA Times freelancer who threaten Mike Cernovich?

Are you going to do a cartoon about how your colleagues can't seem to tell the truth?

Ohman wasn't interested in answering directly the concerns about Roslyn La Liberte.

The liberal, corporate, legacy media doesn't like being confronted on their crap.

They have gotten used to their narrative dominating the political discussion in this country for decades. Now that digital  media in general, and social media in particular, have allowed individual citizens to report  news before the liberal media can take it and distort it.

The left-wing press needs to be held accountable for not reporting the truth, and for pretending that they are objective when they are not just partisan, but petty in their partisanship.

Jack Ohman, TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) Hack

Once again, I think it's unfortunate that these embittered hacks, both in print and picture, would rather denigrate President Trump without any regard for truth, facts, or reality. It's no surprise to me that Ohman gets lots of "hate" mail from Trump supporters. The anti-Trump animus is just sickening, arrogant, and ultimately doomed to fail.

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