Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Our Star Spangled Banner, Even in East Los Angeles

After viewing the Aztec mural in one of the East Los Angeles housing projects, I was pleased to see our American Flag, Old Glory, the Star Spangled Banner unfurled free and alive for all to see just two blocks down.

Some people may think my view on this is really cynical. "Of course there are American flags in East Los Angeles! Why would you think otherwise?"

The truth is, that with all the interactions I have engaged in throughout the greater Los Angeles area, I have run into an undercurrent of anti-American animus which is very troubling to me.

Are there large swaths of Los Angeles which do not view themselves as part of the United States at this time? I have been to MacArthur Park so many times, and I see Mexican, Guatemalan, and Salvadorian flags flying everywhere, but no American flags.

That needs to change.

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