Monday, July 9, 2018

Just Before Trump Picks His Next SCOTUS Nominee ...

As of press time, thirty minutes remain before President Trump announces his next pick for the United States Supreme Court, this time to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Here's the information that I sent out on this nominee:

From the rumblings and the noise that I have heard and read about the "Apprentice" like vetting for this very momentous and monumental decision, it sounds as that Brett Kavanaugh is going to be the next nominee.

Recent information has come to light suggesting that Thomas Hardiman is weak on immigration, too, although I have not had the time to look into those allegations.

Constitutionalism should not militate against shoring up our borders and securing our nation's sovereignty.

I guess I must say ... in spite of my fervent interest to have Mike Lee be the next Supreme Court nominee, it's going to be Kavanaugh.

And that's fine with me.

I add another prediction.

After the 2018 Election, when Republicans gain more seats in the United States Senate, President Trump will have a secure majority to replace another member of SCOTUS.

I imagine that Clarence Thomas will retire in the middle of 2020, and then Trump can nominate US Senator Mike Lee.

Until then, let's hold onto our hopes that Justices Ginburg and Breyer will die or retire so that Trump can continue packing the court with constitutional conservatives unafraid to overturn unconstitutional precedent.

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