Friday, July 6, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Oklahoman Describes Illegal Alien Nightmare


Just wanted to say love what you do Arthur much respect. 

I have personally moved three times over the last twenty years are so because of illegals. And that’s in Oklahoma. They come in and ruin decent neighborhoods. This last so called dreamer lived across the street from me for almost 8 years and we always got along pretty well. Then Trump announced he was running and I was always watching his rallies on tv and pretty sure that pissed him off. 

Anyways this man shot 4 rounds out of his pistol one night in my front yard and threatened me saying he was gonna kill me. I called police while he jumped in truck and left the scene. A few minutes later I seen his wife in the front yard picking up shell casing with a flashlight in one hand and a six month old child in the other. After I filed a report with police a Detective called me several days later and I did not push the issue hoping he would just leave me alone. 4 months went by and nothing except dirty looks from across the street. I can live with that I thought. 

He then just showed up to my door one day and I thought he was just wanting to apologize so I said Thomas come on in how are you doing. Like I said we had always got along. He then pulled out a hand grenade and told me he was going back to Mexico and did not give a f..k. He then started calling me a all kinds of names  and when I asked him to leave he would not leave. I had put a shotgun in my den after the other incident with the threats and gun. When he would not leave and I got the chance I grabbed shotgun and told him to get the hell out of my house. He looked at me and said you think that scares me. Then he went to his truck and got a pistol and stood in my yard in broad daylight saying come outside. 

Several neighbors saw everything yet none wanted to get involved. After this I called the detective and told him what happened he had me come in and tell him everything. Bomb squad guy came in and asked me a bunch of questions and wanted to know the lay out of his house which I told them. They said they could not tell me when but they were on it. At 4:30 am the next morning the swat team with the armor truck with helicopters and about 40 police officers raided his house. Giving orders  thru a megaphone. 

The Illegal Alien who harassed Mike Underwood

They arrested him and charged him with threatening with a explosive device and other charges his bond was set at one million fifty thousand dollars. He was unable to make bail and at the preliminary hearing I think that’s what it’s called I showed up to give testimony and they offered him 10 years and told him if he went to trial they was going after a full 20 year sentence anyways he took the deal. His wife showed up to testify against him also the detectives told me they wanted to help her stay in the country for helping them. He will have to do at least 80 % of his time and will be out in another 6 and a half years are so. Also the name I had known this man by for almost 8 years was not even his real name. I really do not know why I am telling you this stuff just wanted you to know that I appreciate what you do fighting on the front lines ever single day. 

Sorry for the spelling. God bless all of you guys.

--Mike Underwood, Oklahoma

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