Saturday, July 28, 2018

Pomona, CA: Overwhelmed Crime Hub Because of the Sanctuary State Ordinance

I receive press releases and updates from on a daily basis.

It seemed to me that the city of Pomona has an inordinate number of crimes erupting in the city.

Keep in mind that in late December, Pomona passed a special sanctuary state ordinance in the city to ensure compliance with California's lawless sanctuary state law SB 54.

While looking over a casual Google search, it is unmistakable that Pomona has turned into an overwhelmed crime hub.

Here's a statement from AreaVibes:

When looking at violent crimes, Pomona, CA has 12% higher than violent crime rate than California average, while remaining 29% higher than the national average. In property crime, Pomona, CA is 19% higher than the average of California and is 24% higher than the national average.

Check out some of the reports below, just from January 1 2018 to today:

January 7, 2018: “Pomona Police Major Crimes Task Force Conducts Operation

January 29, 2018: ‘That Person Tore a Piece of My Soul Out’: Wife of Pomona Man Stabbed to Death in [Pomona] Parking Lot Seeks Justice

February 14, 2018: Bicyclist hit by truck and killed in Pomona

March 1, 2018: 6 arrested in latest prostitution sweep in Pomona in well-known area

March 9, 2018: Pomona Police shut down 11 homeless encampments, arrest 17

March 11, 2018: 2 Pomona Police Officers Shot

April 28, 2018: 
Police: Bystanders disarm and detain Pomona shooter 

May 21, 2018: Man Shot in Pomona Crashes into Vehicles

May 22, 2018: Pomona man arrested for human trafficking

May 23, 2018: Dozens of Los Angeles-area gang members arrested in major FBI raid in Pomona

May 29, 2018: Man charged with shooting at Pomona SWAT team in Azusa

May 31, 2018: College Wrestling Standout Critically Injured in Pomona Gas Station

June 6, 2018: 3 arrested, shooter still sought in Pomona robbery, shooting

June 23, 2018: Police: Two known gang members arrested after pursuits in Pomona, guns recovered

June 29, 2018: Cal Poly Pomona Parking Officer Fatally Stabbed, Suspect Killed

July 16, 2018: Pomona police investigate man's shooting death 

Notice how Pomona is not much of a sanctuary.

In fact, it gets an F for its horrible crime statistics, and is now listed as one of the most dangerous cities in California.

But wait! Didn't Pomona pass a sanctuary state ordinance to help comply with the Sanctuary State Law SB 54?

So much for Pomona as a sanctuary city of any kind.

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