Thursday, July 19, 2018

Press Release: Rep. Waters' Protest Cancelled for Public Safety Reasons

Torrance, CA--

LA County for Trump, along with other pro-Trump, conservative groups were prepared for a peaceful demonstration outside of Congresswoman Maxine Waters' District Office in the Broadway Meadows section of South Los Angeles.

Many Americans, even in California, are outraged and horrified by Rep. Waters' calls for harassment and violence against President Trump, his staff, and his supporters.

One of the leader organizers of the event, a member of the pro-Constitution Group "Oathkeepers" ended up cancelling the peaceful demonstration due to massive shows of force and threatened violence from anti-Trump, pro-Maxine Waters forces.

"This shows the full extent of the Congresswoman's hypocrisy", stated Arthur Schaper of LA County for Trump. "I was prepared to rally outside of her office, along with friends and fellow Trump supporters, as I had done three weeks ago without incident.

"Then I received reports that 'opposition' had arrived with pipes and bats threatening violence. One of the police officers at the local LAPD sub-station advised us not to attend for our safety and the safety of the police officers."

A Facebook Live recording of the violent unrest awaiting the Trump supporters and Oathkeepers can be seen in the link below:

Schaper continued: "Congresswoman Waters has tried to walk back her vile, violent rhetoric as more residents in her district and throughout the country have roundly condemned her calls for violent action against President Trump and the Trump Administration. The fact that her ardent supporters had three bus loads of people ready to fight and terrorize her critics is very alarming."

Regarding media reports about the Oathkeepers's "no show", Schaper commented:

"When Waters claims that Trump supporters or other pro-American groups are violent, she should be pointing the finger at herself and her violent associates in the area who still support her, in spite of her declining lack of outreach and concern for her district and California citizens at large."

For further questions, please contact:
Arthur Schaper, LA County for Trump
Cell: (310) 793-8647

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