Saturday, July 7, 2018

Surprise: Media-Hyped Anti-Semite CA GOP Candidate A Long-Time Democrat

When I read this headline on Flash Report, I knew that more digging was needed:

  • NYT: Holocaust Denier in California Congressional Race Leaves State G.O.P. Scrambling
  • SFC: Bay Area GOP candidate denies Holocaust, campaigns on anti-Semitism
Really? Once again, the press is going to extreme lengths to smear all Republicans as racist extremists because of a small smattering of really bad candidates.

I decided to looking into John Fitzgerald, this Holocaust-denying anti-Semite a little further.

Fitzgerald ran for Congress as a Democrat in the 2010 and 2012 primaries but got little traction, gaining just 15 percent and 7 percent of the vote, respectively. He said on Friend's program that though he ran as a Democrat in those elections, “I wasn’t really a Democrat. But I was just trying to get in the system, and so I did so.”

Fitzgerald has gone out of his way to claim that "I was really a Republican, but ..."

It's important to keep in mind that California did not have the jungle primary until after the 2010 elections. Why would he run as a Democrat in 2010?

To the New York Times, he gave a more convoluted answer:

Mr. Fitzgerald ran for Congress in California as a Democrat in 2010 and 2012, but did not receive the party’s endorsement in either case. He is running as a Republican in November but said he identifies more as an independent.

“Am I a Republican?” Mr. Fitzgerald said. “What is a Republican anymore?”

What is really going on here?

The San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Times, and other left-wing media outlets are going out of their way to smear all Republicans by looking for one or two marginalized GOP candidates. The same thing happened in 2016, when life-long Democrat, white supremacist, and anti-Semite David Duke ran for US Senate ... as a Republican.

John Fitzgerald, Long-time Democrat
not Republican

The only reason these crappy candidates in engage in such perverse political antics is that they will get more media coverage, since the corrupt press is looking for every change to smear conservatives as alt-right, alt-white hatemongers.

Let's not forget that the very notion of Making America White Again came out of Nancy Pelosi's mouth (even if she was trying to shame and defame President Trump). Democrats have a much longer (and ongoing) history of racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism. There has been no party switch, as much as racist liberals will switch party affiliations to get more attention.

Let's also not forget that Republicans were pressing for official recognition of the state of Israel, not Democrats. In his private correspondence, President Harry Truman had disparaged black people and Jews, but he ended up leading the desegregation of the United States Army as well as issuing official recognition of the state of Israel. Why? He had barely, barely won re-election, and he needed to shore up votes (so he thought) by adopting some planks of the Republican platform.

Once again, we see the corrupt press going to great lengths to spin, distort, and outright minimize the truth to suit their progressive-left agenda. In other words, the New York Times is printing all the news that fits their agenda, not what is fit to print.

The Democratic Party has a long Anti-Semitic past and president.

They remain the true home of the anti-Semitic Ku Klux Klan.

The base of delegates and activists rejected Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and they booed God during the 2012 DNC Convention floor vote.

The current DNC Vice-Chair is a well-known anti-Semite, Keith Ellison, who has frequented rabid Jew-haters like Louis Farrakhan. Let's not forget that Crooked Hillary Clinton called one of her staffers a "Kike". Ellison also has ties to the Anti-Semitic and Islamic hate group CAIR.

Today, the growing violent Left (which is the "future" of the Democratic Party) opposes Israel and champions the rabid terrorism of Iran and the fake Palestinian "victims", while condemning Israel for everything that goes wrong in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Let's not forget that the Democratic Soclialists of America got behind upstart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has remained silent on whether she supports the Boycott, Sanction, and Divestment Movement against Israel. (Click here for more information).

Let's cut through the media hype, folks. Anti-Semitism is a left-wing, and thus a Democratic, fixture, not a Republican one.

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