Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Border Agents Under Attack: #BuildThatWall

From the Desk of Jeff Schwilk:

CONGRESS, FUND BORDER SECURITY NOW!   Quit holding vital homeland security funding hostage to mass amnesty for illegal aliens!

A 19 year old Mexican illegal alien attacked a Border Patrol Agent early Sunday morning and then stole his ATV in the Tijuana River Valley (Spooner’s Mesa), well north of the border.  Other agents caught up to him and shot him.  The alien attacker was taken to a hospital and is expected to live.  Thankfully the agent hit by the rock was not seriously injured, this time.

The incident is still under investigation and hopefully the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office will bring full charges against the Mexican invader for assault and robbery.

More details from my Border Patrol contacts in San Diego soon.

Details here:

The SDUT loves to run front page stories everyday about “poor” illegal alien minors and teens who are separated by their criminal alien parents when they get caught crossing our border illegally, but this illegal alien Mexican teen and the story about him trying to kill one of our brave BP agents right here in San Diego was pushed to Page 2 of the Local Section and a small blurb in today’s paper.  Shameful yellow journalism by the far left, open-border, pro-Mexico SD Union Tribune.  Daily fake news and left wing propaganda and spin to keep the status quo and our borders wide open to “cheap” peasant  foreign labor and votes.

Jeff Schwilk

Founder, San Diegans for Secure Borders

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