Tuesday, July 31, 2018

UC Irvine Brief Visit and Tour (Photos and Video)

I visited my alma mater UC Irvine last weekend.

They didn't called the campus Under Construction Indefinitely for nothing.
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This building was referred to as a "Learning Center".

Not sure what kind of learning is going to take place there.

What kind of classes can someone take at the Humanities Department at UC Irvine?

Here's a class on the Holocaust and what happened in Italy:

Sadly, the class is in English.

Are there any Italian classes left at UC Irvine which are conducted in ... Italian?

Notice that the French Department is GONE.

There is Academic English, an ESL program at a UC?

Whatever happened to higher academic standards?

What about other classes?

Check out the history department course offerings for Fall Quarter, 2018:

I wonder why this subject is prominent ...

Nationalism is a major point of discussion now, since President Trump had advanced his pro-American agenda. He has stood strong against the globalist, anti-nation, anti-individual liberty agenda.

Check out the new construction going on at Middle Earth Housing, too:

I lived at this housing complex for two years. When I was an undergraduate at UCI, everyone I talked to informed me that a student should try to stay on campus as much as possible. The apartments across the street were way too expensive, and anyone who wanted to get out of the dorms but didn't want to commute would have to deal with sharing a two or three bedroom apartment with at least three other people.

Not very comfortable, and I am writing about the early 2000s!

Who knows what the cost of housing has become now!

Here are the videos I recorded at UC Irvine this past weekend. Please enjoy:




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