Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Press Release Re: Destruction of Donald Trump's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Torrance, CA---

It is with great sadness and growing concern that LA County for Trump learned of another act of unhinged vandalism along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Once again, another deranged anti-Trump hatemonger took out his unfounded rage against President Trump, resorting to violence and destruction of property. This destructive behavior merely contributes to a growing frustration shared by many voters with the increasingly strident, partisan rhetoric which has made it harder to govern this country.

This incident is at least the third time that a malefactor has destroyed the Trump Star, and with what end in mind?

"It's really sad that the level of political vitriol has reached such a fevered pitch in this country," shared Arthur Schaper of LA County for Trump."

"Our President has enacted sweeping tax cuts which have increased take home pay for millions of Americans. His pro-American agenda on trade, immigration, and national security have given Americans across the country, even in blue states, a prosperous future filled with opportunities.

"His foreign policy efforts have helped denuclearize North Korea as well as force member nations in NATO to pay their fair share instead of forcing American taxpayers to subsidize the bulk of national security costs in Europe. His stances and actions on protecting life, individual liberty, and engaging the pursuit of happiness for all Americans would be better received but for the relentlessly negative, biased, and ultimately distorted reporting from the media, high education, and larger corporate firms more interested in their own wealth than the well-being of the entire country."

Schaper continued: "Such actions merely affirm why President Trump got elected. Men and women of conscience and self-respect have grown tired of the regressive, abusive left believing that their views are the only views which matter, and anyone who disagrees with them deserves nothing less than shame or harm."

For more information, contact
Arthur Schaper

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