Saturday, August 13, 2016

Election 2016, and The Millennial Conservative Resurgence on Marriage

One of the best news I heard from the Election 2016 RNC Platform Committee discussion.

Millennials were the key architects for ensuring a more conservative political party platform.

That's right -- the "young people".

Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council reported on this interesting development.

I am aware that a large number of Millennials currently support gay marriage.

This disturbing trend is a really a problem starting with our terrible public schools, and the Alinsky-ite rhetoric overtaking our political discourage.

Most young people have been hit so many times with the fear of shame--of being labeled a backward bigot--that many of them have simply caved on the issue.

More young people are becoming pro-life, by the way.

The cowardice of our elders, our political leaders, and the teachers in our churches I think deserves more blame.

Mom and Dad matter, and gender is not something that can be changed, altered, removed, or ignored simply because we feel like it.

Why is it that so many Millennials are on board with "gay marriage"?

They do not see how the destruction of the family affects them.

They have been inured into this Libertarian fantasy by some conservatives, and a sense of resigned acquiescence by the older people in their midst.

We either have a society founded on the rule of law, natural law, God's law, or we do not.

When younger people learn the destructive consequences of perverse behaviors, they will reject this agenda.

And more of them already are.

The Baptist Press reports:

Called to speak at the March 26 marriage rally in Washington, D.C., Alison Howard ran to the stage's microphone in an adrenaline-fueled burst. The 24-year-old graduate of Liberty University said she wanted to "talk to the grown-ups" supporting traditional marriage at the event on the National Mall.

"Do not give up on us young people," said the communications director for Concerned Women for America. "The media will tell you that I don't exist. Well, I'll be the unicorn. I do exist, and I believe in the marriage between a man and a woman."

It's not too late.

What is needed, though, is moral courage and political will.

Read more about her incredible life and views heree:

Her first job was at a New York consulting firm. The company decided to celebrate National Coming Out Day by having its employees wear badges in support of the gay community. Seery, a Catholic, dealt with the social debate the way many in her generation do: by blogging. That led to her position with the network, which has chapters in 25 schools.

Confrontation remains part of the job: In February, a liberal group at Columbia University hijacked a Love and Fidelity values conference by reserving the bulk of the tickets. They interrupted the speaker, standing to protest with signs.

But Seery doesn't believe the marriage cause is lost: "Just because things are polling one way today doesn't mean that will always be the case. Forty years ago the media said that all young people are becoming pro-choice. We proved them wrong. The youngest generation is the most pro-life generation."

Yes indeed!

Another Millennial explains the core of the conflict for many young people.

Eric Teetsel, the 29-year-old executive director of the Manhattan Declaration, also spoke at the March 26 rally in Washington, encouraging the crowd not to grow weary. Teetsel sees young believers who struggle with being fully Christian while enmeshed in contemporary culture. They go to church, but they also watch "The Daily Show." And, according to Teetsel, they often don't do well integrating those worlds. Fearing blowback on Twitter and Facebook, many young Christians remain silent on marriage even if they have not embraced the changing attitudes.

Young people need to know that they are called to the Benjamin Generation, to have courage and receive the grace of God to reign in life, and overcome the reproach of men.

Then this Millennial explains a deeper reason why the fight for natural marriage has met unprecedented challenges:

"We wasted a generation by being complacent and by believing that people would always understand what marriage is and why it matters," said Teetsel, whose group promotes life, marriage and religious liberty. "That's no longer true, and now we have got to show them."

We need to teach one another and the next generation why marriage matters!

Here's another great video affirming natural marriage.

This video outlines the biological, sociological, and moral advantages of natural marriage.

Compare this presentation with the one-side discussion between Piers Morgan and Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation.

As long as we do not equip young people about the biological necessities and moral values about natural marriage, we are depriving Millennials--and all marriage proponents--with the tools needed to establish the necessities of natural marriage, and how to counteract the homosexual agenda trying to upend and redefine this fundamental institution.

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