Wednesday, August 10, 2016

California MassResistance: Arthur Krugler Confronts Majority Leader Leader Ian Calderon

California MassResistance had eight people confront State Senator Tony Mendoza on Monday.

Three members of that team then met with Majority Leader Ian Calderon's staff.

Art Krugler of Whittier confronted the Majority Leader with the following remarks:

Three of us attended;  Barbara Autry and daughter Sammie & me.
I had printed out a copy of the law.  Somewhat prepared;

We were surprised that they did not expect us???  No appointment.

But we did meet with Samantha Marquez, Sr Field Rep. and two other staffers.

She acknowledged that they had been getting many phone calls re SB 1146.

We were asked who we represented;  Barbara had your sign but was not able to fully explain why we were representing the Mass Action effort.

Barbara stated her concerns as a parent and the problems with the financial rules of SB 1146
We were told financial stuff had been removed from the bill yesterday - and LA Times has an article.

Supposedly, a student with governmental financial aid will be allowed to go to a religious school.

I added to her concerns:

1   The bill allows any student who feels discriminated against to file law suits - this will increase school costs.

2 Those schools claiming religious exception do have to file with the state agency;
Sam.. did not know that all who file are listed on a public website.
This can have impact on future employment of grads.
“I see you went to a discriminatory school - no hire”
“We cannot hire anyone from a discriminatory school - it is our policy’

3 Public schools are trying to deal with the “Choose your bathroom of choice today” issues.
It will cost money to comply with that policy as well.  More bathrooms??

4 If housing is provided to students, instead of Men/Women they will need to add LGBT;  four more dormitories.
The cost would shut down schools

5 This country was settled by people seeking religious freedom.  ( Brought out Monday; thanks to Danny Hartzel )

"With passage of this type of bill, Where will future pilgrims go.??"

6 Do we need more laws??

Federal plus 50 states all passing laws;  each one designed to control (do this or don’t do this), and to Punish.

We should be very careful about laws.   We cannot drive a mile down the hi way without breaking laws.

Are we still “Free”?

7 There are financial components;

8 Government has not been very good at making decisions;

Eggs and butter are bad ( for a while ) now they are better than Margarine.
Farmers and stores had to spend money to provide three types of milk.
Schools had to educate everyone about the “hazards”, and now uneducate.
Laws on Drugs, the Hydrogen highway, electric cars, now the PM2.5 program; and particulates may not be harmful to health.

Gasoline additive; Lead ruled dangerous, then MTBE ruled out, now Ethanol.??
Finally; the impact on Global Warming.

The 97% of scientists were selected by counting the number of scientists who had written and published “peer reviewed” papers that were funded by Government.
Those who tried to publish papers not supporting the CO2 mantra were not published;  (I did not state that careers were affected.)

I gave Samantha my name and address; she said she would send information to me.

Arthur Krugler

Others are calling - and the bill is being changed; now we need to see how and act quickly. 

Great work, Art!

Great work, California MassResistance!

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