Friday, August 5, 2016

Equal Rights, Not Special Rights: Maine MassResistance Fights LGBT Bigotry

Liberty is not defined by special rights.

Liberty is about limiting the scope and arbitrary reach of the state into our daily lives.

Pretty basic.

But the homosexual agenda now demands special rights claiming that their behaviors or their perceived status justify demanding preferential treatment.

This is a rainbow colored form of apartheid,

And its wrong.

That's not what this country was founded upon.

Individuals who engage in consensual behaviors behind closed doors need to keep those behaviors to themselves.

Why does everyone else have to accommodate the specific behaviors of the few and therefore sacrifice the same natural rights which belong to all?

Maine MassResistance is standing up to this special interest bigotry.

In a press conference last month, the pro-family group took the brave stance of stripping from the state constitution the special rights offered to homosexuals.

Here's a report from the main MassResistance website:

MassResistance’s Maine affiliate, led by Rev. Mike Heath and Paul Madore, struck the first blow in their upcoming state-wide referendum effort to repeal the state’s LGBT law. On July 8 they held a press conference in the rotunda of the Maine State House. It was covered by the (sometimes fuming) mainstream Maine media, and was even reported in some Boston media.

Speaking as the “No Special Rights PAC,” the official ballot committee set up for the referendum effort, the group boldly outlined its goals to defeat the LGBT agenda in Maine.

One key element in the pro-family fight: we are not intimidate by the smears and spin of the liberal media. There is no need to hide the truth. If the reporters want to play the bigotry card, then we need to fight back with our indictment of the real bigots: the LBGT lobby and their destructive agenda!

Behavior is not a right, and same-sex conduct does not have the authority to claim civil right status.

"No Special Rights" needs to be the mantra. There is no balancing the truth with the lie. There is no victory in the pro-family movement to continue playing defense against offensive behavior.

Michael Heath
Notice the editorializing of the media: "gay rights"

Michael Heath, the leader of the "No Special Rights PAC" announced clear convictions and integrated intentions:

"Tens of millions of people all over the globe are waking up to the danger. They are becoming aware of the fact that this force isn’t just interested in changing the sign on Target’s bathroom doors. They see that as only the latest in a long train of abuses …

Finally! Someone has the courage to call out the militant homosexuals for systematic attacks on nature and society. Enough already!

"We can restore equal rights for all of our citizens while finally destroying the lie of special rights.  Only ordered liberty can protect everyone from the same fate suffered by bakers, photographers and innocent school children.  Equal rights for all.  Special sexual orientation rights for none.

How about that? If we really respect eual rights for all, that means no special rights, no special privileges--for anyone! 

In fact, one of the Founding Fathers established this necessary principle: Thomas Jefferson.

"Very simply, this moves behaviors that belongs in the closet, back into the closet. People are tired of having these pushed in their faces and being punished if they don’t submit."

Thank you again, Mike!

We the People of the United States embrace domestic tranquility.

What the LGBT bullies what? Domestic dominance and tyranny for anyone who does not agree with them.

This is wrong.

This lady from Nebraska MassResistance confronted the arrogant Omaha Public School board with a similar set of frustrations, and clear boundaries:

"I just want to know ... when is enough going to be enough?!"

My sentiments exactly.

No more "special rights" travesties!

Natural rights and eual rights, but no more artificial, special privileges!

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