Friday, August 19, 2016

Update For SB 1146: Lara and LGBT Bullies on the Run!!

The news gets better and brighter for California MassResistance and other pro-family groups.

The liberal, and entrenched pro-establishment interests in Sacramento never thought it would happen.

The opposition to SB 1146 seemed disparate, disconnected, disorganized.

The pro-family groups proved them wrong.

Shame! Shame on Ricardo Lara!

State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) got arrogant.

Pro-life and pro-choice, pro-

He has gotten away with passing some of the worst legislation that the state has seen.

First, he is making war on citizenship, the rule of law, and basic distinctions between yours and mine,

He continues supporting legislation that will degrade citizenship while promoting illegal aliens and their wrong-doing.

He wants to hand out more of our money to illegal aliens.

He wants to give illegals more privileges than our needy Americans--homeless, mentally ill, foster kids, veterans.

Not only does he despise the rule of law, but he hates the laws of nature and Nature's God!

He lives a homosexual lifestyle.

He thinks that he was born that way.

He demands that every facet of society accept and facilitate this destructive perversion.

This is all wrong. All wrong.

He was molested as a youth. What happened to him is terrible, just terrible.. The answer, though, is not to embrace a false identity and destructive behavior.

The answer is the grace and truth which sets us all free!

Instead of taking stock of the truth in his life, he is attacking the rights and values of everyone else.

He has steadily pushed our culture, our politics to take on radical equality, even if the outcome is more inequality and abject tyranny.

So ...

SB 1146 was going to force Christian colleges to abandon their Biblical, Judeo-Christian values.

Colleges would have endured endless lawsuits from LGBT activists demanding these institutions accommodate their marginal worldviews and lifestyles.

Churches, charities, small businesses, the entire Body of Christ arose and pushed back -- hard.

Lara started feeling the heat, and his colleagues and all the other special interests starting seeing the light.

The pressure was too much for them.

Lara caved before the Appropriations hearing, and agreed to remove the move pernicious elements, which would permit lawsuits and narrow the Title IX exemptions.

SO, SB 1146 went to the floor, badly amended according to the LGBT lobby.

The bill was awaiting a vote August 15th--nothing,

The next vote would be on Thursday August 18th? Nope.

Come August 19th and the bill was amended again! This time, the process removed another section, which would have forced colleges to report to the state every time they expelled a student for violating the college moral code of conduct.

Guess what? It is a violation of federal privacy laws! Proof once again that Lara does not care about equal rights, but pushing an abusive, limited agenda which harms everyone else.

SB 1146 is a bad bill, and has been beating back so many times, one has to wonder why Lara even bothers.

The aggressive, abusive LGBT lobby must be furious with their would be "champion".

But there is more power with the people than with the people in power!

The public interest, the moral interest supersedes the special interests of Sacramento once again!

California MassResistance kept calling the state assemblymembers. Some of our team members visit State Senator Ben Allen's office.

Even though SB 1146 passed out of the state senate, it will have to go back through that chamber following the numerous gut and amendments done to the legislation.

We are urging No votes from all state senators, and demanded that Senator Allen pressure his assembly colleagues to vote NO!

Final Reflection

The pro-life, pro-family conservatives are learning a lesson which has been hard won, hard to accept.

You have to keep fighting.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

But you and I can have a lot of fun defending our liberties, and expanding opportunity!

Most of all, we can really enjoy sticking it to the Left, and beat them at their own game!

Pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty is the new chic fight, and California MassResistance is winning!

The fight is not over, but the tide is definitely turning in our favor.

Call your state assemblyman--and all the others on this list, and demand that they:

Speaker Anthony Rendon: (916) 319-2063
Majority Leader Ian Calderon:  (916) 319-2057
Majority Whip Autumn Burke: (916) 319-2062

  • Catharine Baker of Walnut Creek/San Ramon/Pleasanton/Livermore (916) 319-2016 and (925) 328-1515
  • Brian Maienschein of north San Diego/Rancho Santa Fe/Poway (916) 319-2077 and (858) 675-0077
  • David Hadley of Torrance/Gardena/Redondo Beach/Palos Verdes (916) 319-2066 and (310) 375-0691
  • Ling Ling Chang is running to represent state Senate district 29 (Walnut, Rowland Heights, Diamond Bar, Chino Hills, Yorba Linda, Placentia, Brea, La Habra, Fullerton, Anaheim, Stanton, Cypress) (916) 319-2055 and (714) 529-5502
  • Young Kim of Fullerton, Buena Park, Cypress, Stanton (916) 319-2065 and (714) 521-6505
  • Adam Gray of Modesto/Merced (916) 319-2021 and (209) 521-2111 and (209) 726-5465
  • Joaquin Arambula of Fresno County (916) 319-2031 and (559) 445-5532
  • Cheryl Brown of San Bernardino/Rialto/Fontana (916) 319-2047 and (909) 381-3238 and (909) 350-7646
  • Patty Lopez of San Fernando/Sunland-Tujunga (916) 319-2039 and (818) 365-2464
  • Ken Cooley of Rancho Cordova/Carmichael/Citrus Heights (916) 319-2008 and (916) 464-1910
  • Tom Daly of Anaheim/Santa Ana (916) 319-2069 and (714) 939-8469
  • Sebastian Ridley-Thomas of Culver City/Ladera Heights (916) 319-2054 and (310) 342-1070
  • Freddie Rodriguez of Pomona/Ontario/Chino (916) 319-2052 and (909) 902-9606
  • Rudy Salas of Kern and Kings counties (916) 319-2032 and (661) 335-0302 and (559) 585-7170
  • Miguel Santiago of Downtown L.A./Koreatown/Huntington Park (916) 319-2053 and (213) 620-4646
  • Eduardo Garcia of Palm Springs area and Imperial County (916) 319-2056 and (760) 347-2360 and (760) 355-8656
  • Mike Gatto of Glendale/Burbank (916) 319-2043 and (818) 558-3043
  • Mike Gipson of Willowbrook/Compton/Carson (916) 319-2064 and (310) 324-6408
  • Shirley Weber of San Diego, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Otay Ranch (916) 319-2079 and (619) 531-7913
  • Jimmy Gomez of Eagle Rock / Chinatown / East L.A. (916) 319-2051 and (213) 483-5151
  • Das Williams of Ventura, Santa Paula, and most of Santa Barbara County (916) 319-2051 and (805) 564-1649 and (805) 641-370
  • Lorena Gonzalez of Chula Vista, National City, south San Diego (916) 319-2080 and (619) 338-8090
  • Susan Bonilla of Concord/Pittsburg/Vallejo (916) 319-2014 and (925) 521-1511
  • Ed Chau of Monterey Park/Temple City/El Monte/Arcadia/San Marino (916) 319-2049 and (323) 264-4949
  • Roger Hernandez of West Covina//Baldwin Park/Azusa/Glendora (916) 319-2048 and (626) 960-4457
  • Chris Holden of Pasadena/Monrovia/San Dimas/Upland (916) 319-2041 and (626) 351-1917 and (909) 624-7876
  • Jacqui Irwin of Thousand Oaks/Camarillo/Oxnard (916) 319-2044 and (805) 482-1904 and (805) 483-4488
  • Patrick O’Donnell (916) 319-2070 (562) 429-0470 (310) 548-6420 Long Beach, San Pedro, part of Lakewood
  • Luis Alejo (916) 319-2030 (831) 759-8676 Monterey and San Benito counties plus Watsonville, Gilroy and Morgan Hill

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