Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Media Successes and Fails Against California MassResistance--SB 1146

The mainstream media is as vain-scream as it gets.

Pro-family movements have to accept that the liberal press will retain its left-leaning slant, as long as journalists are obsessed with playing up emotional accounts.

Reporting which focuses on victims, "it" minority groups, and the growth of government will tend to the left.

Social movements stealing its basic talking points from the Civil Rights Area inevitably invites that kind of attention.

Yet instead of simply stating the truth and attacking the false premises of the media, most pro-family groups try to depict themselves as nice, accommodating, and servile.

This approach does not work.

They have seize the initiative, control the discussion, force the local press to cover their activist protests, and set the tone.

California MassResistance is dedicated to this task, and does not shy away from the media's deceitful attempts to depict pro-family groups as hateful, bigoted, or intolerant.

Consider the report in the Orange County Register during our protest at Target's annual shareholder's meeting in June:

More than 30 protesters gathered Wednesday at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, while Target shareholders gathered inside for their annual meeting, to protest the retail chain’s policy that allows customers to choose fitting rooms and restrooms by what best fits their gender identities.

In general, the OC Register presents news in a more balanced fashion. A reporter and photographer were on site to ask uestions and follow up on our protests.

Lifesitenews,com wrote more direct and commanding facts, demonstrating that the transgender bathroom agenda was destructive and should be reversed:

‘Disgraceful’ to compare civil rights struggle with transgender bathrooms

“I am protesting Target because of their destructive transgender policy which they announced in late April,” Arthur Schaper of the California chapter of Mass Resistance, told LifeSiteNews.  “This is a policy which is putting…women and children at risk.”

Exactly. also interviewed share-holders in the meeting, who opposed allowing men into women's bathrooms and fitting rooms.

As California MassResistance has continued ramping up the pressure against the destructive and abusive SB 1146, the more widespread "mainstream" tries to play up the LGBT bullies as the victims, and portray the opponents as the bigots, or narrow-minded and backward.

Consider the recent report from CalWatchdog following California MassResistance's full-court press against SB1146 at five different offices:

Opponents argue the bill would restrict their First Amendment protections, while supporters say current and prospective LGBT students are discriminated against by religious colleges, especially after federal recommendations that Title IX should include transgender students.

“This is about putting outrageous pressure on schools, opening them up to interminable liabilities, and at its core, making it easy for people to deprive these schools of the opportunity to operate by and to pursue the core principles they’ve laid out,” said Arthur Schaper, the director of California MassResistance, a group that aims to limit the LGBT movement and organized the protests.

Notice how the writer characterizes our efforts as "aims to limit the LGBT movement."

It's really about standing up to government tyranny and supporting individual liberty.

This homosexual agenda is not another curve on the arc of history "bending toward justice."

This destructive set of perverse demands is another blatant attempt by the state and abusive left-wing special interests to stifle liberty.

And the argument that religious college discriminate against "transgender" students. Give me a break! Christian colleges are already clear about their standards. "Male and female He created them." The Biblical foundation for Christian teachings on sex, sexuality, marriage, and gender should come as no surprise.

Why do students who engage in same-sex conduct or insist on embracing gender dysphoria attending these colleges in the first place? This legislation is not about expanding opportunities for one class of students, or ending discrimination. It's really about imposing more discriminatory regulations on private institutions and stopping the preaching and teaching of the Gospel, or any diversity of opinion which offends militant homosexuals.

The NBC report of California MassResistance's efforts on July 22 were particularly slanted.

The writer gives preferential treatment to a spokesman for the homosexual lobby:

Executive Director of LGBT advocacy group Equality California, Rick Zbur, said that SB 1146 is a civil rights bill that would force faith-based schools that receive state funding to practice nondiscrimination towards LGBT people.

How can any group claim to promote "equality" when the legislation is inherently biased, targeting Christian colleges?

Then comes the most offensive aside in the piece:

"It is unfair to punish the students," said Arthur Schaper, director of California MassResistance, which the SPLC classifies as a hate group, regarding potential loss of Cal Grants.

First of all, SPLC is not explained. Is the writer referring to the Southern Poverty Law Center?

That group smears every group which is pro-life and pro-family as "a hate group." The whole "hate" card is so played out, like the race card and the gender card. Yawn.

If there is any hatred, one finds it with the very people who harm their bodies engage in same-sex conduct or distorting their biological image by pretending to be a sex that they were not born into.

To this article's credit, the writer does present the core values of the conflicting sides on this issue:

Zbur claims concerns about religious liberty and loss of financial aid are all a "smokescreen" for what in reality is LGBT intolerance.

"This is an infringement upon First Amendment rights," Schaper said. "Homosexuality is not a civil right, it's a behavior. Transgenderism is a mental disorder."

Final Reflection

The mainstream media is interested in playing up the LBGT agenda as one more facet of the Civil Rights Movement.

Most Black Americans, however, find such comparisons offensive and unfounded.

Being black is not a sin, a crime, a perversion, or a destructive behavior.

As I stated in my interview with the NBC reporter, California MassResistance challenges the basic and false assumptions of the bigoted LGBT agenda, There is no science, psychology, or sociology to justify homosexual conduct or transgender identity as normal or normative.

It's not enough to pound the facts about same-sex conduct or the Constitution. We need to impress on all readers that this baseless "victim class" is hurting everyone.

It deprives aspiring students of the opportunity to learn in Christian colleges.

It promotes disorderly forms of conduct which are hurting others.

It enshrines the embittered entitlement mentality of the 1% at the expense of everyone else.

Yet no matter how the media tries to spin the efforts of pro-family groups, the solution is not to run away or play nice, but to confront the falsehoods head-on with the truth.

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