Thursday, August 4, 2016

Assemblyman Roger Hernandez (D-West Covina): The Democratic Party's War on Women

The Sacramento Bee and the Los Angeles have take the time to spread the news about another malefactor Democratic lawmaker in Sacramento.

Roger Hernandez.

He has been charged with assault and battery.

His case went to court, but the charges were later dropped.

His now ex-wife issued a restraining order against him.

The California Republican Party and the members of the state legislature demanded his removal from the floor.

He has since then gone on medical leave.

With the passage of Proposition 50, the state assembly could strip him of his pay.

They have not done see.

Once again, the Democrats in Sacramento are playing poorly, behaving badly, refuse to hold their fellow liberal peers accountable.

How can the Democratic Party continue to claim that they are pro-woman, when they have so many lawmakers who break the law and harm women.

Roger Hernandez is a symptom of the Sacramento statehouse arrogance which has overtaken the liberal California Democrats.

They need to be held accountable.

Hernandez is a danger to women, and to the state of California.

He should not just be stripped of committee assignments.

He should be stripped of pay and suspend altogether.

Roger Hernándezisn’t the only one who needs job protected leave

How ironic that Assemblyman Roger Hernández was out sick this week as the Legislature reconvened from its July recess. After refusing to remove a huge obstacle to paid leave for legions of new parents, Hernández took – wait for it – paid leave.

His absence is doing some good.  As long as the state legislature lacks the necessary number of people to accomplish certain destructive agendas, then the people of the state of California can breathe.

Many workers can only dream of the job guarantees and benefits enjoyed by the Baldwin Park Democrat, who was stripped of his committee assignments earlier this summer after a judge issued a domestic violence restraining order against him. Hernández, accused by his now-ex-wife of beating her, submitted a doctor’s note excusing him from work, his return date uncertain. He has denied ever hurting his wife, blaming their messy divorce for the abuse claims.

Most people can only dream of finding adeuate employment in the anemic, pro-Silicon Valley economy.

Everyone is struggling--poor, middle class, professionals and blue collar workers.

And what is the state of California doing about all of this? The Democratic legislature is pursuing these fantasy bills which do very little good, and in many cases cause more harm.

Thanks to state job protections, his medical leave won’t jeopardize his $100,113 salary, or put him at risk of being summarily fired before he terms out at the end of this session.
Employees at companies with fewer than 50 employees don’t have such luck. If a new dad at a small company avails himself of the modest, partially paid paternity leave he automatically funds via paycheck deductions, his boss doesn’t need to hold his job for him.

Senate Bill 1166, a priority bill of Democrats in the legislative women’s caucus, would have extended job protection to new parents at companies with 10 or more workers. It would have been a game-changer for adoptive parents and new dads at small companies.

The woman's caucus ought to make pension reform, lower taxes, and public safety issues a priority,

Hernández said no; he is challenging U.S. Rep. Grace Napolitano of Norwalk for Congress. And shortly before the judge found the wife – who had photos – to be more credible than Hernández – who had been accused of abuse before, by a girlfriend – SB 1166 died in the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee, which he chaired.

This man has a history of violent behavior! Get rid of him!

Let's not forget that he has a DUI on his record, too.

This man is a lawless thug, an arrogant elitist who thinks that he can run for Congress just because.

He has no chance of winning a Congressional seat against Grace Napolitano.

How he's claiming medical leave, and getting the six-figure salary!


Don’t ask why Hernández won’t be suspended from the Assembly altogether. Proposition 50, passed by voters in June, lets the Legislature not only sideline him on a majority vote if it wants to, but, if it can muster a supermajority, take his pay. He’s a reliable liberal vote, and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon might need him by session’s end.

For precisely the above reason, every Californian should hope that Hernandez stays far away from the state assembly.

It's time to demand the suspension and resignation of Roger Hernandez.

He is waging a war on women who do not cave to his abusive behavior. He is abusive to individual taxpayers and their liberties, too.

Shame on Hernandez!
Contact Hernandez' office, and demand that he resign RIGHT NOW!

Capitol Office:
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0048
Tel: (916) 319-2048
Fax: (916) 319-2148

District Office:
100 North Barranca Street
Suite 895
West Covina, CA 91791
Tel: (626) 960-4457

Fax: (626) 960-1310

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