Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Assemblyman David Hadley Pledges to Vote NO! on SB1146 (Even as Amended)

I love the South Bay.

I love being a South Bay Republican, especially!

Great weather, easy-going people.

And a great opportunity to expand the conservative brand in the state of California.

Kurt Schlichter of Townhall.com calls the South Bay home

Robert Dornan, B-One Bob used to represent Torrance.

So did Dana Rohrabacher!

Men and women of wealth and substance general do not force a worldview on others which people

I have written in the past that the conservative brand in the South Bay basically falls into two camps.

1. Fiscal conservatives who are liberal (libertarian) on cultural issues, or who wish to avoid discussing those concerns

2. Social conservatives motivated by spiritual training, discernment, and religious views.

There is plenty of common ground, but not focusing strictly on ideological spectrum.

Liberty is a growing concern for businesses as well as Bible readers.

And the state legislature has declared war on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit (not Promise or Entitlement) of Happiness.

The worst offender?

State Senator Ricardo Lara.

He wants to open up the borders to illegal aliens.

He wants to spend money that the state of California does not have.

And now, he wants to curtail the First Amendment in an unprecedented, disturbing fashion.

SB1146 has garnered unprecedented, negative press not just in California but all over the country.

Activists up and down the state have pressured their representatives to vote NO!

California MassResistance has pushed this fight right to State Senator Lara's office!

One of the representatives whom California MassResistance reached out to?

David Hadley:

I wrote to his office directly and personally regarding my heightened upset about SB 1146.

Within the week, I received a letter from the Assemblyman, in which he signaled his general opposition to forced communications.

He did not give me an answer Yes or No on the senate bill.

I grew worried.

Democrats had indicated to their constituents that they would vote against the tyrannical anti-First Amendment legislation.

We wanted to make sure that no assemblyman would vote for that unjust, unconstitutional legislation.

One segment of the California MassResistance team visited the Hadley office on July 15th, 2016.

I must admit that I had some concerns.

Republicans in the state of California are trying to straddle or ignore divisive cultural issues,

Conservative partisans and activists have shared their strong differences with David Hadley.

I have learned that on the most contentious issues, it does not  matter the affiliation of your representative.

They need to know your thoughts and concerns about any controversial bill.

So, we confronted Hadley's staff and laid out our considerable concerns.

The next week, other members of our California MassResistance team approached and confronted their legislators.

State senators have heard loud and outraged voices from constituents, too, much of the time for the first time!


I received two letters this past week from the office of Assemblyman David Hadley.

August 9th, 2016, Hadley affirmed he would vote against SB 1146 "in its current form."

I then received another letter, dated August 12th, 2016, repeating the same assurance.

The August 12th letter was telling, especially because Lara had amended the terrible bill at the last minute to try and buy more support.

But that was not good enough for me,

Would it be good enough for David?

I visited the Assemblyman's office on August 15th,

I met with three of the assemblyman's staffers.

I showed them the letters which I had received. I was glad for the news.

But the two letters seemed a little confusing. Was Hadley changing his mind following sudden amendments?

One of the staffers offered to call Hadley's office to get immediate clarity.

The other two staffers were very polite and helpful. They informed me that the biggest issue on constituents' minds was ...

SB 1146, and demanding OPPOSITION!

The staffer then confirmed Hadley's firm NO!

Hadley will vote no on SB 1146, even with amendments!

Final Reflection

No matter where an elected official stands, constituents need to make their voices heard, and raise a ruckus on issues of grave concern.

No matter what Hadley's prior voting, I refused to accept anything less than a "No!" vote.

One month prior, Hadley's staffers indicated that very people were calling in about SB 1146.

All of that changed with the rising statewide onslaught against this terrible bill!

Hadley votes against

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